A catch-up with Focus on Egoless boss, Moray

Cristian Perera Moray is a native of Gran Canaria, and another individual who's really helped elevate his home city from an electronic music perspective. Now firmly based in Barcelona, he runs Focus in Egoless, a killer label that’s quickly developed a cult following amongst discerning house and techno aficionados. Indeed, it’s not just us who’ve been paying attention: Moray also recently debuted at Barca’s Les Enfants Brillants, which itself is slowly but surely earning a reputation as one of Europe’s best small clubs, as well as other iconic Barcelona clubs such as Laut and Macarena. His latest endeavour is a brilliant EP, entitled ‘Trippy Journey’, which - as you might expect from its title - truly is a trippy and brilliant piece of work. We premiered the A1 from the release, ‘Renaissance’, and caught up with the man himself recently to learn more… 

Let’s kick things off by chatting about your early beginnings in electronic music. Outside of the amazing music, what made it so special and enticing for you? 

First of all, thank you for having me on board for this interview. Music has had an important place in my life since I was a kid, listening to artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Queen or Supertramp. This music was a truly nice influence in my home, dancing and sharing opinions with my brothers. After that, I started to focus more on bases and composing rhythm bounces by myself.

Do you remember your first ‘rave’? Was it something you instantly fell in love with? Or did it take a while? 

Oh yes I do. It was actually a Festival in my hometown. I was 16 years old. I was so looking forward to it and kind of afraid too.

Can you tell us a bit about where you’re from in Spain and the scene there. What’s your involvement like in the local scene? 

I was born and raised in Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands. I’ve always been an active artist down there playing in the best clubs and some festivals. I managed some of my own private events also and about my place’s scene, it’s a hard and difficult moment right now. There are 2-3 groups making some nice events and we have too many great DJs.

The Spanish scene seems healthier than ever. Is this something you agree with? Or what’s your take on it all? Do you pay much attention to what’s happening in Ibiza, for example? 

Oh yes, indeed. Also healthier with artists in between. It seems like everyone is trying to grow up and everyone is helping each other, which is so nice. Ibiza is always a point on the map to think of, there are a lot of people going there to party, but I'm pretty focused on Barcelona right now.

Yes, you’re really busy around Barcelona especially. I saw you played at Les Enfants which is really earning a reputation recently. Can you tell us a bit about that? And what are you most looking forward to gig-wise over the next while? 

Well since I came to Barcelona in January, Les Enfants was “the goal”. I already reached it, and I knew it was coming for me but not that early. I can remember it as the gig of my life, playing just vinyl records the whole night, trying to do my best and connecting with the crowd. I feel at home there. On the other hand, I’m just enjoying my journey here, more gigs are coming and I have a lot of work to do. Everything is coming into place. 

Do you have a preference for DJing or production? What do you see yourself as, first and foremost? 

For DJings yes, I prefer small clubs, dark places and nice quality vibes there, Turntables on the dj booth, and I love to play in the afters. Warming up is such a great thing I love to do too. I can see myself happy, around music, surrounded by clubs and rave-life and still making music.

What’s behind the name, Focus on Egoless? Do you think there’s too much ego involved in electronic music right now? 

The name says everything by itself. I’ve been into a nice scene and unfortunately we have an ego around  the different dj booths and scenes around the world which is not doing any great thing to the scene. 

The label gained a real cult following amongst discerning music fans especially. Do you have one ethos that courses through your releases? Who has inspired you in  this regard? What is it about their approach to music and running a label that you so admire? 

I release music for fun, sharing my feelings and emotions. They represent everything in between. I have so many but I would say more DJs inspired me rather than producers. 

We’re really loving the latest EP, Trippy Journey. Can you talk to us a bit about the vibe you were going for with that one? 

Trippy Journey is my best EP ever. It is powerful, complete, sexy, contains all the resources I’ve learnt, and has a special feeling in the record, which was made after a long six months of break far away from the studio and learning other important things in life out of electronic music.

You’ve had some awesome remixers already; I’m thinking guys like Lowwaxx and Swoy. What do you look for in a remixer? 

His/her view of the original track they will retouch. A new journey of it.

Is music a full-time thing for you? Or what else takes up your time? 

It’s my life. Everything goes around music. My job, my mates, my soul. Everything.

You’ve also released music on the likes of Overall and UFO Series. How does it work with your output? Do you send music to other labels and hope to get it signed? Or is it more based on personal relationships? 

It’s 50-50. Sometimes you’ve made some great records and send them to the labels, and sometimes labels contact you. It’s pretty funny.

Can you recommend three of your favourite recent tracks, and maybe talk us through them a bit? 

Absolutely. My top 3 right now would be “Lost N Rex” by Binh. This man is a legend, and this track is just blowing my mind every time I listen to it

“Get On The Move” by Happy Larry’s Big Beat Orchestra, which I played in my very first gig in Barcelona at Laut for closing duties. This track is a banger. 

And the last one is for sure “Coleoid” by JQUE PBRS TGXU, a rare Malin Genie alias and track. This track is so special to me.

Finally, what else have you coming up that you’re really excited about? 

I don’t usually talk about my upcoming things, I prefer to stay under the shadow everytime (hahahaha) but expect some more music and good plans ahead.

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Buy/listen to Moray’s Trippy Journey here. The Trippy Journey EP is out September 29th via Focus on Egoless.