A chat with Italian DJ/producer, Davide Leone

Growing up in Turin, David Leone, a DJ/producer, was deeply immersed in the city's rich musical culture, finding his passion for sound during the early 2000s amidst its diverse nightlife scene. Inspired by influential parties like Powerful Savannah, where luminaries such as Loco Dice, tINI, and Ricardo Villalobos performed, Leone's fascination with electronic music took root, driving him to explore new sounds. Since venturing into music production in 2014, Leone has consistently delivered, earning recognition on esteemed labels like NuLabel Quality Recordings, Monique Chronique, and Circular Limited. His own imprint, Eau de Parfum, serves as a platform for his evolving musical vision, with two successful releases already under its belt, gaining attention from outlets like Trommel. Through his productions, Leone crafts immersive sonic experiences that defy genre boundaries, while his DJ sets have taken him from Turin's streets to renowned venues like Café Chalet, Milk, and Centralino, as well as to destinations like the Vele di Alassio and Sankeys in Ibiza, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the electronic music scene. We caught up with him recently to learn more…

What initially drew you to the world of electronic music? Was there one moment that really made you feel, ‘this is something I really want to dedicate myself to seriously’?

Let's say that since I was little, I have always been attracted to the world of music, at first as a spectator, then after a few years of clubbing I started wanting to have my say and get involved, this thing continues today and continues constant evolution.

How did your upbringing in Turin influence your musical journey? How would you describe it as a place to experience electronic music?  

Turin is a very active city with many collectives who organised their parties, based on their musical influences. Very underground as a city under certain circumstances.

It can be defined as an excellent school where you can start learning a little about electronic music in all its genres.

Could you elaborate on the significance of the Powerful Savannah party in shaping your musical taste and style? What made it so special?

I started working at a very young age for a party called “Savana Potente”  which offered a very vast assortment of guests of all kinds, from Loco Dice to Marcel Dettman, Sven Vath, Villalobos, Ben Klock, it ranged a lot, so I managed to have a culture 360 degrees on music, right now however I am very influenced by electro sounds that are periodically offered by the “Outcast” party which is growing rapidly in the city and beyond.

What motivated you to start your own label, eau de parfum, and what ethos do you aim to convey through it? It translates to ‘perfume water’, right? 

With eau de parfum I wanted to reclaim my independence from a musical point of view and also be able to have my say with my music. I chose this name because it is an excellent allegory with the meaning of music. In the world of perfumes there is eau de toilette, which is the quality of perfume that is less concentrated and less resistant and then there is eau de parfum which is more concentrated, more intense, and I intended to give the same imprint to the label on a musical level, only intense and long-lasting products.

Can you walk us through the creative process behind one of your recent releases on Eau de Parfum?

There isn't a real process to the creation of the two releases, but I think what distinguishes them is the dark sound that I've always been attracted to, that my brain proposes in that way.

They are products that certainly aren't liked by everyone, but I'm sure that those who appreciate those sounds won't remain indifferent.

Do you make music for yourself or others, do you think? And what constitutes success for you from your releases? 

I make music for myself because it makes me feel good. Being in the studio spending time creating something gives me a lot of benefits.

But I also produce for other people. I look a lot for people's approval if I have to make some releases public, because this also makes me happy, knowing that the hard work in the studio is recognised, which is why I try them several times during DJ sets. To make sure you always have tested, dancefloor-proof products.

What venues or locations have been the most memorable for you to perform at, and why?

Lately I've been performing in a place called Gianca, and it's located on the Po river and it's very small underground, full of energy the sound feels good these are all factors that put me at ease, and allow me to perform without worries , having as much fun as they are dancing on the floor.

How do you stay inspired and motivated creatively, especially during challenging times or creative blocks?

I listen to music all the time, every day, in any dead moment I find 5 minutes to listen to something, and that's where I get my inspiration.

What can we expect next from Davide Leone and eau de parfum in terms of upcoming releases or projects?

I don't know where this project will take me. I hope as far as possible and to find myself collaborating with other great artists.

I already have the third release of 4 tracks ready but I'm considering having some remixes done too. 

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