A chat with new Poker Flat signing, Greta Levska

Greta Levska, originally from Lithuania but raised in London and currently residing in Ibiza, recently introduced her vibrant interpretation of electronic music to Styeve Bug’s Poker Flat. The Flex EP presents a selection of her influences and distinctive sounds. "Don't Sweat The Flex" stands out as a modern, electrifying anthem with elements of electro, blending timeless beats and a vintage vocal with mesmerising trance-like synths.

Following that is "Streets," a composition crafted around an exceptional breakbeat and a menacing bassline. The fragmented hip-hop vocals intermingle with ethereal pads, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind track. To conclude the EP, Dachshund offers a remix of "Streets" that infuses a straight 4/4 rhythm, accompanied by intricately layered pads employing sidechain effects. This rendition transforms the original into a pulsating dancefloor rendition. A seriously busy woman - she’s been playing all summer long at Amnesia in Ibiza - she’s most definitely a woman on the rise. We caught up with her recently to learn more…

Thanks for talking to us Greta - now the summer's in full swing, how are you feeling? Hyped, or nervous... or a combination of both?

Hey thanks for having me, I'm feeling great about the summer. It's just getting better & better with more people arriving on the island with such good energy.

We're really enjoying your Flex EP for Poker Flat - can you share some examples of specific emotions or moods you aim to convey with this one? How do you achieve this through your production techniques?

Heavily inspired by Electro, my new EP “Flex” on the amazing Poker Flat Recordings, expresses my sound & what I love to make & play. I try to infuse the inspiration of what I play in my sets into my production keeping a dark mysterious feel which I really think I achieved here in my "Flex" EP.

Could you talk about a memorable moment or experience where you felt a strong emotional connection with your audience during a live performance? How did it impact your set and the overall atmosphere?

At my first Amnesia show this year, I felt obvious nerves as it was the biggest show I had yet to play. The crowd had such huge energy and completely lifted me up all the way through my set. It was an incredible feeling going from nervous to excited within the space of my opening track.

How do you navigate the fine line between staying true to your artistic vision and adapting to the evolving trends and demands of the electronic music industry?

I really do love how music moves into different spaces constantly but I try not to follow what's going on & make music that's meaningful to me.  I can always tell the difference when I'm in the studio, trying to make something that may fit a certain night or scene, to when I just sit there and create my vibe and what feels natural & it always ends up being the natural ones that I resonate with.

Could you elaborate on your DJing style and the techniques you employ to create a seamless and captivating mix? 

I put a lot of preparation into my sets & I would say I'm addicted to hunting for new music. As time consuming as it is, I think it's really important for me to find the hidden tunes that perhaps no one has heard, that's what really gets me going. Also, It doesn't have to be new music, I always go digging through the archives & lately i've been going back through some amazing music that Poker Flat have delivered across 2 decades.

As an Ibiza-based artist, how has the island's music culture and vibrant nightlife influenced your sound and career? What advantages or challenges do you encounter by being based in such a renowned musical hub?

I think being an all year round resident has really helped me get deep into the scene here, being part of more of a local community, joining with local radio stations like Sonica Radio & Pure Ibiza Radio meeting people across IMS & now in full summer mode, It just non stop. Ibiza’s 24/7 lifestyle keeps me actively pushing forward with my production & DJing as I'm constantly able to try new ideas out across radio, in the clubs or at secret boat parties.

Ibiza attracts a diverse and international audience of music lovers. How - if at all - do you tailor your sets and productions to resonate with this diverse crowd?

Seeing the changes from playing in winter clubs like Akasha, to now playing all summer long in Amnesia I can see a huge diversity & in the crowds across both seasons. In the winter, it's more localised events with people from all corners coming together to enjoy the winter sun. Summer its a whole different crowd, it feels a lot younger, the energy is intense rather than relaxed, I personally love the change up into the summer, it breathes new life in to the island. 

Can you share any challenges you have faced in your career as a DJ and producer, and how you have overcome them? How have these experiences shaped you both personally and professionally?

I'd say my first challenge was breaking into the club world. I've been a bedroom DJ for years, playing house parties & the odd small party when I lived in London. It wasn't until I got to Ibiza I really tried to make the transition & luckily enough the Amnesia team were looking for a new resident to host "Amnesia Presents" on Mondays. I've since picked up sets with Pyramid & Do Not Sleep which were bothincredible. 

What steps do you take to stay ahead of the curve and continually evolve as an artist in the fast-paced electronic music scene? How do you balance experimentation with maintaining a consistent musical identity?

I'm constantly experimenting with new sounds in my production & I'm finding a lot of the subscription based products really helpful. I'm a huge fan of everything Roland has done over the years & having access to their "Roland Cloud" allows me to constantly rotate the gear I can use, keeping things fresh in the studio.

Looking towards the future, what are your aspirations and goals as a DJ and producer? Are there any specific venues, festivals, or collaborations that you hope to explore in the coming years?

I'm just really enjoying myself right now, I love being part of PokerFlat Recordings & I hope this is the first of many releases I have with them. This year, once the summer season is over here in Ibiza, I'd love to go further afield touring & luckily already getting some dates across Europe including a new club on mainland Spain called NUSA DUA, as well as a wicked date in London with Masquenada. 

What else do you have coming up in the coming months? 

I continue with my Amnesia Presents Residency every Monday, which has been absolutely incredible so far! I also have a monthly boat party in the south of the Island which has just sold out! Musically, I have my first remix landing in August for Get Physical Music, which was so fun to do. Also music scheduled for the rest of the year so please keep eyes peeled. Thanks so much for having me & I hope to catch up with you soon.

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