A quick chat with rising Brazilian star, Brisotti

Gabriel Brisotti saw his name take off between 2021 and 2022 when he released “Chill Bill” on Solid Grooves, by Michael Bibi, and “Tripasia”, on Hellbent Records, by Cloonee. His fiery but not appealing Tech House, with a creative and subtle touch of old school House along with Latin traits, made the artist from Brodowski, a city in the interior of São Paulo, conquer the world and even stop at Hi Ibiza recently. We spoke to him briefly to find out what the last few years and months of touring have been like and we took the opportunity to discuss his new EP on Rawthentic, Laha.

We've seen a boom in Brazilian electronic music in recent months with several DJs playing at major international events, including you. How does it feel to be part of this movement? Did you imagine that?

It's very gratifying to be part of this, I think Brazil has always had names that are a reference to the world, from drum n’ bass to techno, and it's very cool to see this new generation managing to ferment and make it grow more and more. I never imagined it, to be honest I'd never left the country before, it's really crazy to know that I'm getting to know a lot of different places and cultures through my music.

Analysing the construction of your career so far, which point do you think was crucial in achieving the achievements you accumulate today?

I think my release on Solid Grooves, that's when the world started to get to know me, Michael Bibi's supporters always have an absurd power. And after “Chill Bill” everything started to happen.

You've already released on major labels, gotten support from a bunch of globally-acclaimed DJs and even played in Ibiza. What are your next goals that you are chasing?

I think that every time I manage to spread my music around the world, to play in as many countries as possible, that fascinates me.

Music production has made many new artists stand out, but the hardest part is staying relevant among so many people. What do you seek to do in this regard?

Keep having fun in the studio, I feel that every time I produce without pressure and have fun, good music comes out, keep making good releases on relevant labels, and always producing music without barriers, without getting stuck in an aesthetic or anything like that.

Speaking of which, what are the characteristics that you consider most striking in the sound you produce? What is your creative process like when starting a new song?

As I said above, I like to have fun producing, I don't have a pattern or a rule, I like to get inspired by listening to sets, when I hear something I like, it automatically inspires me to make music. I don't like to have a label for my music, but I think the thing that stands out the most in my productions is the groove. I really like groovy, dancey music, with very strong basslines.

You recently released the EP Laha on Rawthentic which, in our view, are three very different songs. Can you tell us a little more about each of them?

Laha was love at first sight, when I made her beat I was enchanted, I was in a kind of jazz vibe, and I wanted to do something with a lot of references to that, then came the drums and the sax, when I found the vocals everything came together.

Cinnamon was very different, I was drinking from artists from the high bpm world, I was listening to a lot of trance and I wanted to bring a bit of that into my sound, I took a lot of inspiration from the hallucinatory vocals of trance and tried to put that into my groove.

Television was the same story, but from different sources. I wanted to do something more aggressive, with a very strong bassline, with a "joy division" aesthetic, my father always listened to a lot of English punk music and I think that inspired me.

You are from the city of Brodowski, the same city as Cândido Portinari, a famous Brazilian painter. Tell us what your relationship with art is like these days? How do you stay connected to other artistic areas besides music?

I've always been passionate about art, in all its forms, nowadays music is the one I'm most connected to, today I support a cultural hip hop circle in my hometown, it's very gratifying to be able to contribute a little bit back, because of the portinari the city has always been full of artistic activities, and since I was young I've always immersed myself in it, I think that helped a lot in forming me as an artist. but I always try to consume art in all its forms, everything ends up becoming inspiration

Today we see things becoming increasingly “easy and accessible” with new technologies, artificial intelligence, etc. It is a new moment that we are witnessing in several sectors of the industry. How do you see this integration with the way of producing art? What can you do to not sound artificial and still be original?

I haven't got my head around it yet, but in my opinion, we have to use AI as a tool, I believe that whoever knows how to use it in the right way will stand out. technology evolves, before music was produced on tape hahah, today we have everything on the computer, I believe it's the same thing, knowing how to use it in the right way.

Finally, what can you tell us about your upcoming news in this final stretch of 2023? Thanks.

I have another very important release coming up this year, and we'll be doing the Brazilian summer season. I'm very excited about that; I love Brazil! 

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