Alton Miller: Influences

Detroit-based producer, singer, and percussionist Alton Miller has been playing a fundamental role in defining House Music for over three decades. Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit on Stevie Wonder, Santana, Parliament Funkadelic and the Philly Sound. Alton’s early roots in soul music led to an affinity for clubbing and the perfect storm of music, dance, and skill that is required to create it. Alton opened the legendary club The Music Institute, in 1988, along with his like-minded friends Chez Damier and George Baker. He has released music on some of the best independent labels in the industry such as Detroit renowned Planet E and Mahogani Music and Europeans Defected and Neroli Records. Prolific producer, Alton Miller continues to further his musical endeavors with releases on labels, including his own InnerMuse Recordings and Music Institute Records. Since 2019, Miller has been cultivating his connection with South Africa’s thriving house music scene. That same year, he created the Alton Miller Foundation to help youth to develop life skills and frequently is asked to speak at workshops and symposiums about his experiences and contributions to Electronic music and House music. 

Alton has just released his ‘Reflections Within EP’ on Mister Bear Records which was recorded in South Africa and a brilliant remix for Sonic Juncture on Dealt With Recordings, so we decided to talk to the deep house legend about his musical influences…

Alton Miller

1. Earth Wind and Fire - Keep your Head to the Sky

Musical education right here: songwriting, arrangement, production and the message. My childhood ,my now. afro cuban, funk, soul, blues and jazz!!!

2. Third World - Now that we Found Love

A gamble and huff tune covered by a dope ass reggae band. I have danced to this tune as a club kid, rocked it as an up and coming dj and still play it til this day cuz when the bass plays it makes the whole damn world move!!

3. Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters

Quintessential Herbie Hancock and the whole album is just a brilliant display of soul and synthesis. Don't get no better than this.

4. Lil Louis - Journey with the Lonely

 A beautiful fusion of song and dance!!! When I heard this album it inspired me and totally helped me shape my sound not only as producer but as a dj as well!!! I haven't heard anything like it since. The honesty, rawness and level of production on this album is amazing!!!

5. Lalo Schrifrin - Enter the Dragon soundtrack

Only makes sense that my favorite movie of all time would have a blazing soundtrack. Music is a powerful force and what's so great about this soundtrack is that Lalo Schifrin mixes eastern sounds with funk and afro cuban styles. The line up of musicians on this album is incredible!!

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