Anna Cavazos picks here favourite Rick Wade joints...

Producer, DJ and Vocalist Anna Cavazos releases her new EP ‘Love Interlude’ on Little Giant Records. The record is centred around a melancholic and piano-heavy joint with an ultra-deep baseline that is embellished with warm pads and soulful drums. While Anna’s soulful vocal floats above the melody creating an emotional and moving atmosphere, one of our favourite Detroit heads, Rick Wade, works his magic weighing in with some ever so classy house on the vinyl only release. We ask Anna Cavazos to talk us through her top five Rick Wade classic cuts.

Anna Cavazos

"Deep 'N Dirty" - Harmonie Park

This track is a classic example of Rick’s deep and immersive atmosphere in his music. It’s a mesmerizing groove, warm chord progressions, and subtle vocal samples that make it timeless and soulful.

"Zombie RP" - "Zombie RP"

This track is all about its infectious bassline and funky, driving rhythm. His use of percussion and synths in this track keeps the energy high throughout and always works on the dancefloor.

"Beautiful World"

This song is chalked with emotion and is the essence of melodic deep, slightly dark house. I love the pads and soothing melody. Definitely transports you.

"Can't You See"  

This track showcases Rick Wade's ability to blend soulful elements with dancefloor appeal. I love the vocal snippets, jazzy chords, and groovy disco vibes.

"Night Flyer"

This is a more stripped-down and minimalistic track that highlights Rick’s versatility. I’d probably play this late-night, after-hours. It’s got a hypnotic rhythm and subtle, moody synth work.

Buy/listen to Anna Cavazos' Love Interlude EP (featuring remixes by Rick Wade, Rissa Garcia and Matthias Vogt) here

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