Anna Wall & Corbi team up on Drifted Records

Anna Wall has been a prominent figure in London's electronic music scene for over a decade. She's made a name for herself as a versatile DJ, producer, and radio host, with a sound that spans from deep house to techno. Her passion for music and tireless work ethic have earned her a loyal following and respect from her peers. Her latest release sees her team up with Corbi on Drfited Records, with the Satellite EP one that packs a serious punch throughout.

The EP kicks off with title track "Satellite", a thumping club cut that sets the tone for the rest of the tracks. "XTC" follows with rave textures that harken back to the golden era of electronic music. "Mind Sweeper" (premiered here) is the standout track, a real bad boy that is guaranteed to ignite the dancefloor. Finally, "Basement Damage" provides a stunning atmospheric design with fierce break drums to round off the EP. Killer stuff from all involved!