Brian Kage shares his top 5 Detroit producers to watch out for...

After featuring in our Free Downloads series, and opening up a stage at this years Movement Festival in Detroit, we wanted to find out some of Brian Kage's hot picks from within the Motor City. With this in mind, we got in touch with the Michigander Music boss, who highlights some of his favourites local heroes, paying close attention to producers he feels are worthy of his attention.

Kage in the Detroit studio

It's always a great honour to play the Movement festival in Detroit, my city!  I was joined by Luke Hess this year for a 3 Hour opening set, setting the tone for a beautiful day of music. We couldn't have asked for better weather!  We will be releasing our set together soon on Soundcloud so keep an eye out for that.  Highlight of the weekend at the festival for me was Underworld, who performed the best closer set of the festival I've seen, hands down, and I've seen them all! Here, I share some of my favouite recent Detroit producers worth watching out for...

Augustus WIlliams

Augustus has been working hard at his craft for a long time and it's paying off. He has a new release coming out on Juan Atkins' legendary Metroplex Records label. Not to mention he's a great guy! Keep an eye out for Gus.

Keep up with Augustus on Facebook here

Listen to Augustus' latest on the legendary Delsin label here

Nic Joseph

Incredibly talented new producer from Detroit. His tracks are super slick and polished, yet have a cool classic feel.  His work has been charting on some of the best DJs charts already. Pay attention to Nic 'cause this guy is gonna go far.

Check out Nic Joseph's last album on Beretta here


ADMN has been on this grind for a while, but his recent infusion of industrial techno and house productions have really caught my attention.  Check out his label infolines that he runs with his homies Remote Viewing Party, another fine group from the D.

Follow ADMN on Instagram here

Mister Joshooa  

Super promoter, DJ, and producer extraordinaire from Detroit. He does the bookings at TV Lounge, one of the top clubs in Detroit for house and techno, and in his spare time, makes some bad ass, quirky tunes that get your feet moving.  Did I mention he's an excellent DJ? A gem of a guy and a real swell fella.  

Check out Mister Joshua's music on Beatport and follow him on Instagram

The AM

Recently releasing on the famous Tresor outta Berlin, Ann-Marie Teasley is already proving to be a force on a global scale. Her sets are stormin' and her groovy productions are infectious.  Expect to see The AM at some big time clubs and festivals in the near future.

Check out The AM's release on the legendary Tresor label here


Ryan Sadorus

My label partner from Beretta Music, Ryan is a talented DJ, and has recently been working diligently on his own productions and remixes. What really makes Ryan so great is his approachable demeanour and fun vibes that can win the most stubborn club goers over. Make sure to catch him next time he plays out!

Check out Ryan's last EP on Beretta here

Brian Kage's latest release "909 Nights" is out now. Grab it on Bandcamp here