Bruce Leroys guide to Rio...

We are born and raised here in Rio, here our lives and careers are connected! We are both from the city of Niteroi, and we believe the place helped create and shape our sound. It will be an honor to share with yours some of our favorite places in our city.

Favorite place to hear some music and play too: Pato com Laranja (Quiosque Leblon and Ipanema)

Two different spots in different locations in the city, but the same owner, the same vibe, and the same good taste! The ‘Pato com Laranja’ is an awesome initiative, at the ‘Quiosque Leblon’ music plays from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm on weekends, and in ‘Ipanema’ there is music from 8:00 pm until 1:00 am. Both places are located in the ‘Zonal Sul’ of the Rio de Janeiro, the most famous beaches and the postcards of the city came from here, so the food and music at these places have to be as good as the view, that’s why we recommend the ‘Pato com Laranja’ to everyone.

Favorite ‘rolé’: Santa Teresa

‘Rolé” is a slang here in Rio, it's something like: ‘go out to have fun’. And having fun is easy in the traditional neighborhood of Santa Teresa! Close to the city’s main tourist attractions, the place has many bars, an intense cultural movement, and an incredible urban scene. The nightlife here attracts attention, a lot going at the same time, definitely the right ‘rolé’.

Favorite bar: Bar do Mineiro
This is a traditional meeting point for residents of Santa Teresa neighborhood and people from all over Rio de Janeiro, the ‘Bar do Mineiro’ has been located in the same place since 1992, and remains the best choice for drinking a ‘Caipirinha’, the most famous Brazilian drink. You can enjoy and taste a ‘Feijoada’ or any other Brazilian dish, the complete experience.

Favorite view: Praia de Itacoatiara

That place it's like a painting, so much green and blue over here! Praia de Itacoatiara is a beach in our birth city (Niterói), a perfect place for surfers and bathers too, for us it is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brasil. We have known and loved this view since we were kids, and we visit whenever we have some time out of the studio, to see the sea, the sky, the people and the waves, enjoy nature.

Favorite club: D-EDGE

Last but not least, the D-EDGE Rio, the most popular club for our genre, arrived in our city and quickly became one of our favorite spots! Marcelo was involved in the construction of this place, and that makes it even more special for us. Definitely the place we would recommend for any dance music lover visiting Rio.

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