Doubtingthomas steps on Canadian label, Suleiman.

Doubtingthomas delivers a profound and technically intricate release featuring minimalist rhythms through the Canadian record label Suleiman.

Hailing from France, Doubtingthomas has garnered recognition for his productions and remixes on esteemed labels such as Burnski's Constant Sound and Butane's Little Helpers, alongside managing his own imprint, The Promises.

Renowned internationally as both a producer and DJ, Doubtingthomas has graced stages at clubs and festivals spanning from Washington, USA to Berlin, Germany. His captivating style blends dynamic percussion with intricate synth melodies, drawing listeners into an immersive experience.

The track "Stop for a Minute" kicks off the release with its shuffling percussion and pulsating bassline infused with deep sub-bass. Dub-inflected chords fill the air, accompanied by swelling synths reminiscent of an air raid siren, intensifying the dramatic tension.

"Clockwork" captivates with its mesmerizing arrangement, centered around a fluttering arpeggio and intricate percussion. Abrupt textural shifts punctuate the serene melody, creating a striking contrast in atmospherics.

"Syncopation 1992" envelops listeners with its gliding pads, evoking a serene ambiance juxtaposed by crisp percussion and haunting vocal textures imbued with soulful nuances. Delicate piano chords inject a hint of jazz influence into this brooding slice of deep house.