Dubbyman & Dan Piu team up under Age of Rage alias...

The third release on Sole Aspect comes courtesy of Age of Rage, the dynamic duo of Dubbyman & Dan Piu. Entitled "credo," this project embodies a steadfast set of principles. As you traverse through the EP's four tracks, their harmonious collaboration becomes evident, capturing an emotive production that exudes a profound soulful essence.The opening track, "Open to Close," gradually kindles your spirit with its atmospheric sounds layered over deep pads, radiating an undeniable energy. Surprisingly dynamic flute solos steal the spotlight, adding a touch of vocal intrigue.

Following suit, the dub mix of "Open to Close" retains the essence of its predecessor, yet incorporates a cosmic bounce and a hint of intriguing surprises for the astute listener. ‘’Fake Action’’ on the B-side is an enticing composition filled to the brim with seductive deep production. Inspired by the keys of Larry Heard, it boasts lush pads and an irresistibly undulating bassline that induces a blissful state of euphoria. Concluding the EP, "Lover" presents a melancholic and soul-infused groove reminiscent of Sade. Slightly downtempo, it holds a poetic license that tugs at the heartstrings. Killer deep house for discerning fans of the genre. 

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