Experience Records' Pavel Stanovskiy serves up Future Stars mix

Russian DJ/producer and label owner Pavel Stanovskiy is a man with a keen ear for discerning sounds. His Experience Records label is testament to this fact: great music, great artwork and a host of variously carefully-chosen guests. The label’s last record - a beautiful V/A featuring the likes of Vincent Casanova, Vern, Cusack and Pavel himself served up a case in point. With this in mind, we were delighted to host Pavel for our Future Stars mix series, which you can listen to here. And before you do, do take a quick read of our intriguing interview with Pavel himself… 

Pavel Stanovskiy

How would you introduce you and your label to people who’ve never heard of it before?

Hello everyone, thank you for coming here today! This means that together we will go on a journey into the inside of our beloved. A boundless ocean of emotions and dance for everyone personally. I create “mood pads”, a universal code that opens up and makes you happy, successful, helps you work, read, play sports, have sex, fly through time and space. My label is an argument, a guarantor of my intentions and that's it.

Let’s talk first about some classic mixes. What makes a great mix in your eyes? And what are some of your favourite mixes of all time?

There are no classic mixes, I think, there is only what you felt and tried to depict on this canvas of frequencies, tonality and volume of channels, using all the skill of a “samurai DJ”, you could hook and make listeners a little happier. To be hooked, everything needs to be passed through yourself. Managing people's emotions and moods is not an easy task. Therefore, out of the huge number of lovers who play on the equipment and throw their “masterpieces” into the network, I find less and less worthwhile “stories” that I want to live again and again.

I liked most of the early mixes of many artists and tracks. As they became established on world stages, the quality of their product fell unfortunately, and here I understand that money spoils this world, breaks many. I know for sure that I won’t do this, it’s easier for me to stop. I initially do mixes for myself, but I won’t give myself for sure. 

Can you tell us a bit about the vibe you were going for with the mix you have done for us?

I have already described many aspects in the previous question. Here I can add that I try to build such a system so that not a single person, while I play, even thinks of going to the toilet for their own needs. The atmosphere of freedom, disclosure, logic, rhythm, variety, juiciness - this is a kind of yoga for the brain.

How do you approach a podcast differently to how you’d plan a night out? Are you more aware of making mistakes when you’re working on a podcast? Does this make you less adventurous do you think? 

Maybe I didn't quite understand the question. I plan the podcast at the moment of selecting the most resonant releases in my heart. It's not enough for one evening. I have become too pedantic about the quality of the tracks, it is very difficult for me to put together a mix for a couple of hours, usually it takes from three months to half a year. Because a lot of things have already bothered me, and there are fewer and fewer fresh interesting stories for me.

I collect uncut diamonds. I know exactly how to combine them into one logical mosaic.

Did you know from the outset what tracks you were going to select? Or was it mostly spontaneous? 

I again got ahead of your question and answered it partially in the previous question. Sorry!!!

I build combinations based on sensations, without any auxiliary gadgets, advice, investments. Tone, rhythm, groove, volume and that's it!

Can you talk us through some of the tracks on the mix and why you chose them? 

If you can, I'll leave it as an intrigue, but anyone who is interested, I will be happy to answer in the comments under my mix and even share the file.

What’s next for you and Experience Records? 

For me, this is a reason to continue doing what I love, to be truly involved in the creations, to unite sound producers close to me in spirit from different parts of the world. I am very pleased that many artists are responsive, communicate, share. The continuation of the Limited Edition series with the cover of the Spanish island of Tenerife will be released very soon - my favourite place, I dream of living there while it is winter in Russia, in the picture there is Teresitas beach. The plate will be orange. Then my instrumental solo album in 3 tracks and a remix - an action movie.

Thank you for the attention paid to me and my label, resource nightclubber.ro and separately Stephen. I have been honest with you gentlemen, I am pleased to be something for you. I embraced everyone with the music of your soul.

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