Fedo's guide to Barcelona

Sergey Fedorov, known as Fedo, is a Ukrainian artist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Starting his career in 1996, he experimented with various instruments, synthesizers, and recording media formats, including cassettes, discs, and records.

Throughout his career, Fedo has released numerous tracks and remixes, both on vinyl and digital platforms. His work has been featured on labels such as Engineer, Artreform, Razom, TwoTone, Same Mind, BodyParts, Micronica, Evaporate, Juuz, and more. Ahead of his release on the excellent Micro Orbit label, 'Anantkar Kaur' (released as part of a VA entitled Pioneer Series Vol. II), we caught up swith him to learn more about his adopted city of Barcelona...


I have not lived in Barcelona for long, but I am already filled with impressions of this beautiful and ancient Spanish city. The variety of languages, smells, and colors here is hard to imagine in one place, making Barcelona truly exceptional.

This is also a city of modern art, with historical landmarks at every turn. You'll want to keep your camera ready, but also be mindful of street thieves. Barcelona is home to cozy coffee shops, restaurants, antique shops, and an abundance of bread at every corner. Stylish Spaniards of all ages fill the streets. The city boasts dozens of museums and art galleries, offering countless and unique leisure opportunities, making you want to return again and again.

Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is famous for Gaudí's masterpieces and Art Nouveau architecture, marking it as one of Europe's most stylish capitals. Many people come here to find themselves. Indeed, Barcelona is very international, attracting creative individuals and offering the perfect mix for living—be it infrastructure, climate, leisure, education, or culture.

As a fan of electronic music and nightlife, I'd like to share some of the clubs I enjoyed:

Red58 Club

This club has perfectly tuned sound and reasonable bar prices, offering a great and secure experience. Located in the heart of the city, it hosts the best DJs from around the world, playing minimal, techno, and tech music styles.

Red58 Club

Macarena Club

Located in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, this small club features local and international artists daily. It has a friendly atmosphere and a full house. An interesting feature is that the DJ stands lower than the crowd, with everyone above and behind the DJ.

Macarena Club

La Textil

Once a textile factory, this place now houses one of the best breweries with incredible cuisine and vinyl music played by DJs on the first floor. The basement hosts a club with great sound, where my friends and I often party.

La Textile

Best Vinyl Store:

Dancing Vinyl

This store has an interesting concept: every weekend, a stream is recorded where a DJ, local or international, selects unknown vinyl records and plays them live. I once participated in this project, and it was a unique experience playing without my records and headphones. Here's a link to my recorded set at this store: Watch my set.

I could talk about the food forever: Catalan bread with tomato, seafood paella, leeks with romesco sauce, butifarra with beans, black rice, and of course, croissants—available in abundance throughout the city. However, as someone who lived in China for five years, there's nothing better to me than Asian street food. The more unremarkable and modest the restaurant, the better.

Listen to our premiere of Anantkar Kaur (out via Micro Orbit) below

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