French artist Vytamin announces new LP, V World, on Retro Futura (news)

V World is the second album from French DJ and producer Vitess, also known as Vytamin, following the success of his debut LP Cyber Zone. Since its release, he has continued to make his mark on the music industry with various releases, including Chris Stussy’s Up The Stuss, Fuse sublabel Locus, Pont Neuf, and Shall Not Fade.

V World, set to release in March, represents a shift towards a brighter electronic sound with tech house influences and robotic vocals that mirror the album's universe. The opening track, Critical Battery, sets the tone with a groove-driven beat, while TSD and Fake Planet transport listeners to ethereal worlds with shimmering keys and acid soundscapes.

Unnatural brings a no-nonsense club energy with playful melodies, leading into the breakbeat-inspired Kangoo, followed by the album's title track. Starry female vocals create a surreal musical landscape on V World, while Insane ramps up the pace with low-slung bleeps. The album closes with Twister, a club-ready piece, and Final Warning, ending on a hazy and blissful note.

“My first Retrofutura album, Cyber Zone, was inspired by nocturnal cities, like the progressive house side of the ‘90s. V World represents the brighter side. The LP features a strong electronic sound, with tech house touches and robotic voices that symbolise the universe of the album.” - Vytamin  

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