Future Stars with The Florentian Cabaret

Next up on our Future Stars series is an Italian artist who came on to our radar in 2022 after a dynamite house outing on Introspection Recordings. We was immediately intrigued by the feel good energy in his productions which then led to us being curious about what he can do in the booth. Interview and mix at the ready, press play and enjoy. Let's dive in to the world of The Florentian Cabaret...

First of all, describe your Future Stars mix with 3 words...

Dynamic, energy, and not obvious.

Where did the journey begin for The Florentian Cabaret? 

The project The Florentian Cabaret started two years ago, just before the virus came. The need for expression came just at the moment of greater imprisonment.

You recently put out an EP on Italian label Introspection, tell us a bit about the tracks? We really enjoyed the slick house vibe. 

Meanwhile, thank you very much. The tracks on Introspection Recordings are the signature of my start point with house music. “Yeah,It’s Me” I made fifteen years ago after I played in a club. I needed to create a track of mine full of energy with synthesizers that recalled old/school melodies. “Home sweet house” come a few years later, on a magic morning. The voice I used completely overwhelmed me and that’s all!!!!! Both recordings were mixed over the years and then mastered shortly before being released, at Pleiadi Studio by Francesco Bertell.

Since I met Lorenzo from Introspection Recordings we have shared a lot of music and ideas but Yeah! It's Me and Home Sweet House have always been the first choices to start this new musical journey and so it was. The release runs very well, the tracks have run in, have had and are having continuous support from all over Europe, from radios to djs and this is just the beginning.

What does a day in the studio look like with you? Which gear are you using? 

A day in the studio is the best time for me, I’m free about everything. I usually start and finish a project from scratch every day. This makes me very much as a person and as an artist. I like to use old and new synthesizers, Subsequent 37 and Roland JV1080, even if Yamaha DX7 is always my favorite.

How is 2023 looking for you? 

2023 is expected to be a year of great news. I’m really confident and I hope that all my projects will come true.  

We understand you are working on various other musical projects can you tell our readers a bit about these? 

Sure, I start to tell you that in January will be out my first EP for Uncage Records house mix series by Marco Faraone, which I am thankful for. In march we're working on another music on Introspection Recordings and maybe another two EP for...we will see...

If you can leave our readers with one piece of advice, what would it be? 
The advice I can give is to always be yourself and to know how to listen to what is inside you. There is a voice telling you the direction, follow it!!!

And finally, your favourite track of 2022? 

My favorite track about 2022 it’s Dukwa - Prune.


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