Gratts impresses on Wolf Music

Prepare to be enchanted by the emotionally captivating melodies of Gratts, known as a maestro in the realm of house music, courtesy of the esteemed curators at WOLF Music. Within this release, two ethereal treasures unfold, created by the talented Belgian-born, Australia-based DJ and producer. As an exquisite bonus, Dublin's own Glenn Davis graces us with his signature touch, crafting a deep and delightful remix.

First on the agenda, we embark on a wistful stroll along the shoreline with "Pretty Lights," as the sun dips below the horizon. The bass confidently strides alongside while the keys gracefully dance across the expansive sky. Against this backdrop, a bittersweet tale unfolds, accompanied by the celestial vocals of Brandon Markell Holmes, who adds an undeniable air of sophistication to the proceedings. Leïto's masterful finesse on the keys enhances the experience, delivering subtle yet soulful house music—a testament to the producer's tireless dedication over 25 years.

Flipping the record, we embark on a nocturnal escapade through the underground with "Polaroids," led by the captivating vocals of Tee Amara. Her sublime voice effortlessly glides over a pulsating beat adorned with rich piano melodies and tantalizing bit-crushed synths. This track maintains the thread of soulfulness but infuses it with an irresistible club-ready essence, an irresistible concoction of sonic delight.

And as the final piece of this extraordinary package, Glenn Davis takes center stage, providing an impeccable remix of "Polaroids" that hits all the right notes. Embarking on a profound musical journey, Davis expertly reshapes the drums, immersing the composition in ethereal pads and dreamy synth textures, elevating Amara's vocals to celestial heights. This rendition is an absolute gem, designed to captivate both dancefloor enthusiasts and hopeless romantics alike.

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