Houghton 2024: 10 Acts Worth Catching

Houghton’s 2024 edition is fast approaching, and we’re obviously pretty pumped about it all. It goes without saying at this stage, but it truly is a special festival, and one that - in spite of many hurdles - has actually become stronger as the years have passed by. Much of that, of course, is testament to Craig Richards’ vision as well as the many brilliant musicians on offer. We decided to spotlight 10 artists who we’re looking forward to seeing from August 8-11th. Of course, these names are only the tip of the iceberg and we could have selected dozens more. See you in Norfolk in August! 


Binh Nguyen maintains a modest presence, yet he stands as a prominent and much-respected figure in the house and techno scene. As a DJ and producer respected by institutions like Club der Visionaere and Perlon, Binh epitomises a diligent, humble approach to his craft—a rarity in today's dance music landscape. Hailing from Düsseldorf and now based in Berlin, his dedication to crate-digging for over a decade shapes his cherished sound. 

What to expect I Headsy, obscure house and techno cuts - and vibes!


Felix Dickinson

For the past three decades, Felix has immersed himself in the vibrant underground dance scene of the UK. He honed his craft as a DJ at underground parties and unauthorised raves, eventually co-founding his inaugural record label, Ugly Music, during the 1990s. Over the years, Felix has showcased his talent globally, producing records for esteemed labels such as DFA, Rush Hour, Eskimo, Golf Channel, Claremont 56, Futureboogie, and his very own imprint, Cynic. Definitely one for the house and disco fans! 

What to expect I Fun-filled house with disco and techno to boot

Felix Dickinson

Josey Rebelle

Josey Rebelle is a London-based DJ, is acclaimed for her fearless genre-blending style, earning recognition from Mixmag and The Face. With accolades like BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix of the Year 2019 and Resident Advisor's Mix of the Year 2020, she seamlessly navigates diverse genres, embodying the spirit of her Caribbean upbringing. Initially mentored by her brother, Josey honed her skills, eventually becoming a resident at Plastic People and hosting a Rinse FM show for a decade. 

What to expect I A clued-in London crowd , expert mixing

Josey Rebelle

Josh Caffe (live)

Josh Caffe, a British-Ugandan artist, has made waves in London's house and techno scene for over a decade. From Dalston Superstore to Fabric, his influence spans DJing, vocal performances, and activism. Collaborating with icons like Honey Dijon, his visibility and respect have grown. His debut album on Phantasy, helmed by Erol Alkan, marks a bold step. With singles like 'According To Jacqueline,' he embodies queer liberation. Influenced by Prince and Grace Jones, his music blends Chicago house, UK acid, and rap. As a DJ, his mixes for Honey Soundsystem and others showcase his standing in the dance community. With a knack for sensual, jackin', and playful sounds, Caffe's talent inspires radical freedom on dancefloors worldwide.

What to expect I Exuberant house that harks back to the genre’s golden age 

Josh Caffe

Junki Inoue

Born in Tokyo in 1989, Junki Inoue is a rising ‘digger’ DJ, blending Japanese and European electronic music traditions. His sets, ranging from warm-up to after-hours, are known for their precision and warmth, drawing from influences like Fumiya Tanaka and Zip.

Introduced to underground music at Tokyo’s Cabaret nights, Inoue established his own party, Heike, at Womb. London became his cultural haven in 2012, where he found resonance with the Toi Toi Musik crew. Inspired by London’s diverse scene, he embraced a broader musical palette, sharing stages with artists like Nicolas Lutz and Gwenan. 

What to expect I Minimal with more than a flash of colour 


Manfredas, a force in the music scene, transitions from radio DJ to club sensation, captivating audiences with his intense musical conviction. Championed by icons like Ivan Smagghe and Red Axes, his eclectic taste spans cold-wave, electro, and ethno-charms. As a key figure at Opium Club in Vilnius, he curates the renowned club night "Smala," drawing global DJs and creating a culture of love and passion for music.

What to expect I Quirky house, techno, electro and everything in-between



Moodymann, also known as Kenny Dixon Jr., is a prominent figure in the electronic dance music scene, known for his commitment to preserving the black influence in techno and house music. He gained popularity while working at Detroit record stores and as a resident DJ at the Outcast Motorcycle Club in the mid-nineties. Moodymann's unique sound blends techno and house, characterized by reworked riffs, samples, and soulful grooves. Despite his reluctance to give interviews, he is revered for his soulful output, incorporating classic soul and jazz samples and laid-back drum programming. His iconic tracks like "Sunday Morning" and "Shades of Jae" have solidified his status as a classic artist in the genre. His album "Silentintroduction" remains a celebrated work from the late 90s, showcasing his best releases after years of 12" singles.

What to expect I Deep Detroit and Detroit-inspired house and techno. This should be a special one.


Achim Brandenburg, known as Prosumer, hails from Saarbruecken, lived in Berlin, and is now based in Edinburgh. He has a deep love for house music, occasionally produces records, and enjoys sharing his musical passions.

Throughout his career, Prosumer has collaborated with artists like Murat Tepeli and Tama Sumo, releasing music on labels such as Playhouse, Running Back, and 240 Volts. As a DJ, he skillfully intertwines tracks from house music's golden age with contemporary gems, captivating audiences with his infectious energy and deep musical knowledge.

Prosumer's residency at Berlin's iconic club institution and his official mix CD for the venue exemplify his ability to create magical experiences on the dance floor. Through his music, Prosumer channels a profound connection to the essence of house music, coursing through his body and veins, igniting the same passion in his listeners.

What to expect I House and techno spun strictly on vinyl 


Serge (Clone)

Serge is a seasoned figure in the Dutch house and techno scene. He began DJing in 1989 at a local tourist club on the Dutch west coast and founded Clone Records in 1992. Over the years, he expanded the Clone operation to include a physical and online store, distribution, and publishing. Despite three decades in the industry, Serge's passion for DJing and discovering new music remains strong. He continues to seek out fresh talent and push the boundaries while staying true to his roots.

What to expect I Electro, techno, industrial from Holland and way beyond 

Unai Trotti

Unai Trotti has quickly risen to prominence as a favorite DJ and curator in the dance music scene. As the visionary behind Cartulis, he has been a driving force in London's underground music scene since 2009, hosting legendary warehouse parties to revive the spirit of techno, house, and minimal genres. With Cartulis gaining global recognition and expanding its reach with two new sub-labels, Unai continues to push boundaries and shape the future of electronic music. Keep an eye out for his upcoming projects and catch him behind the decks for an unforgettable musical journey.

What to expect I Minimal, dreamy sounds from a master of the warm-up 

Unai Trotti


Kosta Athanassiadis, also known as XDB, is a revered DJ and producer known for his timeless productions and remixes across various labels. His debut album, "Inspiron," released on via Lawrence's DIAL, showcases his signature sound with its rich forms and textures, maintaining a sharp and groovy edge. A real DJ’s DJ, that’s for sure. 

What to expect I A heady balance between new and old 

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