Jorge Savoretti @ Feuer, Rosario, Argentina

Argentina’s footballers might be firmly in the spotlight right now, but in terms of electronic music, Jorge Savoretti has been waving the flag for electronic music in his home country for some time. Best known for his work at the globally-renowned Savor label, Jorge recently established Musica Lunar, alongside his friend and partner, Mariano Marcial. On top of all this, he’s also in the middle of navigating a move to Europe, so expect to see him on a dancefloor near you very soon. Ahead of his big move, Jorge supplied us with an awesome mix of his, recorded at Feuer Rosario, an “amazing intimate club” owned by the aforementioned Mariano Marcial. Listen to the mix here, and have a read of our chat below…

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To people who aren’t familiar with you, how would you introduce yourself in just a few words? What are you best known for do you think?

I’d introduce myself as a Music Lover, that’s what I am above all things. And I try to spread my musical passion through DJing, Producing, Engineering and releasing other people's tracks on my labels.

How are you? What’s been keeping you busy outside of music right now?

I’m doing great. I’m moving to Europe in mid April, and even though I've been touring quite often there from South America, this will be a whole different experience which is taking a lot of my energy right now. Relocating is always a thing, and to a different continent even more. I’m really looking forward to this new chapter of my life.

Tell us a bit about where you’re at musically at the moment… what can we expect from you over the past while?

I think I'm hard to define musically, as I’ve told you before I’m a music lover and try to keep things open. If I like a track I try to play it and make it fit in my set. In my latest years I’ve always been blending house, techno, minimal, electro and even funk and 80s music. Regarding my productions, I always try to keep the Argentinian sound alive :)

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For a mix, context is always key. Does your mood dictate how you DJ?

Totally, I never play the same set twice. DJing is a work of empathy in two stages. First, how you connect with the music you listen to before the gig and then how you make the dancefloor feel the same thing you’ve felt with that track. And for that you have to feel the atmosphere to have the proper timing for each musical piece you decide to play.

How do you approach DJ sets different to podcasts such as the one you’ve just prepared for us?

I try not to overthink. Only select music that could fit both a listening and/or dancing environment.

Let’s chat about the mix: can you talk us through some of the key tracks and moments on it? Where was it recorded?

It was recorded at Feuer Rosario. It’s an amazing intimate club owned by Mariano (Micra Recordings). We went there and hung out a little bit while recording the set in a super relaxed mood.

About the key moments, I like the opening and closing tracks. Middleway there are some great argentinian tracks that I’m pretty sure you will be able to recognize by its groove.

Can you tell us a bit about what we can look forward to from you over the next while?

Hopefully you’ll see me around Europe and around the world quite often DJing. As a producer, I’m having 2 EPs lined up but can’t tell the labels yet. And my label, Savor Music, will release 2 amazing records from Francisco Tettamanti and Franco Cinelli very soon.

…and finally, what’s your favourite mix of all time and why?

These are my 2 favourites:

Both opened new gates of sounds and textures in key moments of my life.

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Listen to Jorge's mix here

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