Mantic step up with live mix from Brasov event, Unum

Mantic is a Romanian DJ trio composed of Oxy, Andrei Fig, and Cristea. Their journey began with a strong friendship and a shared love for music, particularly evident during their electrifying back-to-back performances that have lit up countless house gatherings. It was amidst this high-energy atmosphere that the concept of the trio was born. 

With the seamless addition of Cristea, the trio evolved into a tight-knit unit, embarking on a serious and unified musical endeavour. What sets Mantic apart is their ability to blend their individual musical backgrounds and influences into a signature sound that transcends genre boundaries. Their chemistry as artists allows them to continuously push creative boundaries and explore new musical horizons, and they even recently debuted at famous London afterhours club, Starlane. What's more, we've even hosted a recent mix of theirs from a session from Brasov in Romania. Listen to that one below and read on to understand more about what makes this DJ trio tick… 

Can you share the story of how the three of you, Oxy, Andrei Fig, and Cristea, first met and decided to form Mantic as a DJ trio?

The Mantic story is as much about friendship as it is about music. It began with just Oxy and Andrei Fig, two friends united by their passion for playing music. We often became the highlight of our house parties, crafting lively musical atmospheres with our b2b performances. It was in the midst of these energetic gatherings that Mantic began to take shape.

Then came Cristea, who fit right into the mix with his own musical flair. Before we knew it, we were playing b3b, a trio in perfect harmony. This natural progression from casual jam sessions among friends to a more serious, unified group was what truly marked the birth of Mantic.

How do your individual musical backgrounds and influences come together to create a unique sound for Mantic?

The unique sound of Mantic is the result of a harmonious blend of our individual musical backgrounds and influences. Each of us brings to the table a distinct style and preference, and it's in the fusion of these elements that the signature sound of Mantic is born. Our collaboration goes beyond simply mixing different genres; it's a testament to the chemistry we share as artists. 

There's a deep mutual understanding and respect for each other's craft at the heart of our work. This bond allows us to push the boundaries, continuously experimenting with new ideas and evolving our sound. It's this adventurous spirit and collective creativity that sets Mantic apart, making us a unique force in the ever-changing landscape of electronic music.

Can you describe the role that Unum plays in the underground house and techno scene, and why it's important to you as artists? How did you end up playing there?

Unum, emerging from Brasov, has swiftly carved a significant niche in the electronic music landscape, particularly in the underground scene. This rising concept and brand have garnered recognition and respect for its distinctive contributions to the genre. 

Being invited to perform for Unum was not just an opportunity but a milestone for us. Sharing the stage with amazing artists like Mera, Mihai Pol, Golan, and Luca was something we only could’ve dreamed of when we first started.

Our journey to playing at Unum was a blend of hard work, persistence, and a bit of luck. Our dedication to our craft and our unique sound eventually aligned with Unum's vision, leading to this incredible opportunity.

What would you say are the distinctive elements that define the Mantic DJ style and sound?

Mantic's DJ style is characterised by our flair for blending groovy, danceable rhythms with a captivating narrative. Our approach involves drawing in the audience gradually, then striking with deep, soul-touching basslines that encourage everyone to dance and forget their worries. We enhance this with soul-touching vocals and melodic elements that dictate the story of our set. This combination of rhythmic energy, emotive vocals, and melodic storytelling defines our distinctive sound, crafting a memorable and deeply immersive musical experience.

How do you navigate the creative process when working as a trio, balancing different ideas and musical tastes?

Navigating the creative process in Mantic is a blend of collaboration and respect for each other's ideas. We focus on selecting tracks that complement rather than compete with each other, a crucial aspect for delivering a standout performance. Our method involves open communication, where everyone's ideas are valued and considered. 

Each of us contributes our strengths, and we balance these inputs through both structured planning and spontaneous creativity. We're constantly giving and receiving feedback to refine our music. Our decision-making is inclusive, ensuring all voices are heard, which is essential for us. This harmonious approach enables us to blend our varied musical tastes into a sound that is both unique and distinctly Mantic, reflecting our professionalism and passion for music.

Could you elaborate on how your respective home cities influence your musical styles and the music you play in your sets?

Our home city, Bucharest, has played a significant role in shaping the music we play in our sets. In the early stages of our careers, the local music scene had a profound influence on us. We were deeply immersed in the minimal music genre, drawing inspiration from locally sourced and produced tracks.

Growing up in Bucharest, we were all captivated by the city's vibrant underground party scene. It was in these settings where we began experimenting with minimal house music. These experiences were crucial in defining our initial musical style.

Over time, as we evolved as artists, our tastes became more refined, and we learned to complement each other's styles even better. The influence of Bucharest's music scene remains a foundational element of our sound, but we've also grown to incorporate a broader range of influences, reflecting our development as musicians. This blend of local roots and evolved tastes is what makes our music unique and resonates with our audience.

What are some memorable moments or experiences that have shaped your journey as Mantic so far?

Among the highlights of our journey as Mantic, there are some experiences that stand out as particularly memorable and formative.

One such moment was our unforgettable New Year's Eve performance at UNUM in Brasov. That night was remarkable – we played for an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 people who danced with us throughout our entire set. The atmosphere was incredible, and the energy in the room was unforgettable. It's a night that we'll always remember fondly and consider a defining moment in our journey.

Another cherished memory was our trip to London, where we played at Starlane for Solina. This trip was special for many reasons – it was the first time we travelled together as a group, and the experience was filled with fun and unforgettable moments. The camaraderie and excitement of that trip not only strengthened our bond but also left us with countless memories that we treasure.

Can you share some insights into your plans and aspirations for Mantic in the future?

Looking ahead, our aspiration for Mantic is to take our music global. We envision ourselves travelling the world as a tight trio, spreading positivity and good vibes at parties across various continents. Our aim goes beyond just playing music; we want to create unforgettable experiences and lasting memories for people through our performances. This journey is about connecting with diverse audiences and leaving a lasting impact with each set we play, turning every event into a memorable celebration.

How do you prepare for a performance at a event like Unum? What goes into planning your set and ensuring it connects with the audience?

Preparing for a performance, like at Unum, involves careful selection and adaptability. Each of us curates a special playlist for the event, taking into account factors like the venue's ambiance and our set times. This preparation is key to ensuring our music resonates well with the setting and the audience.

We also stay ready to adapt to any challenges or unexpected situations that may arise during our set. Being flexible and responsive is crucial in maintaining the flow and energy of the performance.

When it comes to connecting with the audience, it's all about the energy we bring as DJs. Our focus is on creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, where the audience feels involved and energised by our music. It's this connection, this exchange of energy between us and the crowd, that truly makes a performance memorable.

Are there any particular tracks or moments that really stood out from your set?

Absolutely, each of our sets has its standout moments. There are times when the whole crowd synchronises in anticipation of the drop, clapping in unison, and moments where everyone is simply lost in the dance, enjoying themselves to the fullest.

One such unforgettable moment was during the New Year's Eve hour which was a highlight for us, especially the moment right at midnight. As we transitioned into the new year, the energy was incredible. We were all dancing and grooving together, embracing the fresh start and leaving any negativity behind. This moment, marking the start of a new year with such positivity and unity on the dance floor, was truly memorable and a testament to the power of music in bringing people together.

In our set, we've had the privilege of featuring some truly exceptional tracks that align perfectly with the Mantic vibe. A memorable highlight was playing Subb-an's 'State of Flow' (Adam Pits Remix) right at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. The timing of this track, with its compelling rhythms and captivating energy, made it the perfect choice to herald in the new year. We also have a special appreciation for Alexis Cabrera's work. His tracks, known for their groovy drums and melodic backgrounds, seamlessly fit into our sets, adding a layer of depth and vibrancy. Another artist we've recently embraced is Job de Jong. His tracks, with their powerful and dance-inducing beats, have become a staple in our performances, consistently energising the crowd. We love to close our sets with a statement, and for that, Bushwacka!'s 'Sweet Tings' has been our go-to. This track's unique style and rhythm provide the perfect finale, leaving the audience with lasting impressions of our distinctive sound and energy.

What challenges have you faced as a DJ trio, and how have you overcome them to strengthen your collaboration?

As a DJ trio, we've encountered challenges like blending our distinct musical styles, coordinating our schedules, navigating creative differences, managing technical aspects of performances, and building a unified brand for Mantic. We've addressed these through open communication, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to our collective vision. Overcoming these challenges has not only improved our individual skills but has also strengthened our collaboration, making Mantic a more cohesive and dynamic team.

In a rapidly evolving electronic music landscape, how do you stay innovative and keep your sound fresh and exciting?

Staying innovative in the fast-paced electronic music scene involves a mix of continuous learning, experimentation, and staying attuned to emerging trends. We constantly explore new music, techniques, and technology to infuse fresh elements into our sound. Experimentation is key; we're not afraid to try new ideas or blend genres in unexpected ways. Additionally, we actively engage with our community and listen to our audience, as feedback can be a powerful source of inspiration and direction. By balancing our signature style with novel approaches and staying connected with the evolving scene, we ensure Mantic's sound remains fresh and exciting.

How do you balance your individual careers and responsibilities with your commitments as Mantic DJs?

Balancing our individual careers and responsibilities with our commitments as Mantic DJs requires effective time management, clear communication, and prioritisation. We coordinate our schedules to ensure that both our personal and group commitments are met. Open communication helps us plan and adjust as needed, and by prioritising our responsibilities, we make sure that our work as Mantic doesn't compromise our individual pursuits. This balanced approach allows us to maintain our personal careers while ensuring Mantic continues to thrive.

How do you interact with your fans and the underground music community, and how important is this connection to your work?

Interacting with our fans and the underground music community is a vital part of our work as Mantic. We engage with our audience through social media, creating a two-way dialogue that enriches our music and keeps us grounded. This connection is crucial as it provides us with direct feedback, keeps us in tune with our audience's preferences, and helps us stay connected to the pulse of the underground scene. We value this relationship highly, as it not only inspires and informs our music but also fosters a sense of community around our work.

What advice do you have for aspiring DJs and producers looking to make their mark in the underground electronic music scene?

As you enter the underground electronic music scene, focus on developing your unique sound to stand out. Continuously learn and evolve with the ever-changing scene. Networking and collaboration are key, so build strong industry relationships. Success takes time, so be patient and persistent. Perform live to gain experience and exposure. Engage with your community for their support and feedback. Most importantly, stay true to your musical beliefs – your authentic sound is what will truly resonate in the electronic music world.

Finally, can you each share a personal highlight or achievement in your career with Mantic that you're especially proud of?

There's no need for each of us to name a personal highlight; our collective highlight in Mantic is undoubtedly our performance in London. This event was more than a gig – it was a pivotal moment in our journey. Performing in the heart of the global music scene challenged us and was immensely fulfilling. It affirmed our dedication and marked our international debut. The connection with the audience and the city's vibrant energy made it especially memorable. This London experience is a shared achievement, reflecting our growth both individually and as a group.

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