Marmion's classic track 'Schöneberg' celebrates anniversary with remix package


Superstition Records is commemorating the 30th anniversary of the groundbreaking techno track "Schöneberg" by Marmion with a new collection of 21 remixes, including two fresh versions from DJ T. and Chris Zippel. "Schöneberg" is widely considered a quintessential track of the early '90s Berlin club scene and one of the most beloved techno tracks of all time. Mijk van Djik and Marcos López formed Marmion while studying at FU Berlin, and the duo's experimentation with combining techno and trance sounds inspired the creation of "Schöneberg."

The track was recorded in a single session and became a defining anthem of the '90s, garnering countless remixes from esteemed artists over the years. Superstition's new collection showcases the best of these remixes, as well as two fresh takes on the timeless classic, including a well-worth checking remix from Get Physical’s DJ T. Remixing classics is never easy, so it’s saying something that T does so with an aplomb that’s indicative of his lengthy standing in the production game. 

Listen to DJ T's remix here