Miroloja duo mixes Nightclubber 204

Miroloja are part of the Parisian underground scene. Two brothers sharing the same passion and through Alias, have create Miroloja. Thus creating a customized touch of minimal house with percussive kicks and space groovy rhythms.
They start to release their productions under the mysterious OLO unknown series (OLO1, OLO2, OLO3, OLO4) which have been top charts on numerous vinyl shops sites such as decks.de and deejay.de.

In 2018, Miroloja decided to launch OLO Records to keep producing their releases on this new label and at the same time inviting over their favorite artists to produce EPs as well.

During the last two years they released on big labels like Infuse, Joule, Aku...

Miroloja joined the Yoyaku family and Interwave agency in 2021.

We're delighted to have them as guests for our 204th edition.You can listen the mix on the link below for Soundcloud or Youtube.