Outdom Records release Raw Cuts Volume 1 (News)

Raw Tools Vol 1 is a nod to our musical heritage of 90s House, Raw House, and Garage. The debut release of Outdom Records caters to the discerning tastes of DJs and music enthusiasts who crave sultry and electrifying beats, and it is available in both vinyl and digital formats and features the music of Brooklyn Baby, Latent, Marc Cotterell and Shortcut.

The album is a collection of four tracks that seamlessly blend classic Chicago House, New York Garage, UK Garage, and Acid House elements. Embracing a vintage vibe, this EP boasts a deep, stomping groove that is accentuated by razor-sharp stabs and dreamy, rave-inspired atmospheres.

Outdom's graphic designer, Liorzh, has also channeled this influence through the EP's various covers. These pay homage to the old-school aesthetics and vibrant colors of rave party flyers.

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