Premiere: Southbound Sounds - Educator (John Daly remix)

Southbound Sounds, a musical duo hailing from Cork, Ireland, known for their captivating deep house and techno compositions that have garnered recognition from prominent figures like Fish Go Deep, Chez Damier, Norm Talley, Delano Smith, Stuart Patterson, Mark Farina, and more, present an EP paying tribute to the legendary figure of Detroit, Mike Huckaby.

Titled "Educator," this release, available on Deeper Groove Recordings in November, features three original tracks and a remix courtesy of another talented Irish artist, John Daly.

The EP's titular track embarks on a profound journey into the realm of deep house, skillfully incorporating samples of Mike Huckaby's voice, where he shares, "First of all, I'm a DJ, producer, sound designer, and educator." Huckaby's influence permeates the composition as a Huckaby-inspired house rhythm flows gracefully beneath. John Daly's reinterpretation of "Educator" introduces a slightly slower tempo, focusing on a rich, pulsating bassline, while adding layers of gratifying percussion and additional keyboard elements.

"Keep It Movin'" lives up to its name, urging the listener to groove along by enveloping crisp kick drums with an array of luscious synth textures and inviting keys. This track also features a soulful sample with a lowered pitch, embracing the essence of deep house.

Concluding the EP is "Upstairs," a captivating B-side gem. Its brilliance lies in its simplicity, combining a delightful synth-driven bassline, a mesmerizing arpeggiating synth, a revolving violin sample, sporadic vocal interjections, and a breakdown that's bound to ignite any basement party.

Listen to pur premiere of John Daly's remix of Educator below