Sam Bangura releases Walking Funny EP

Sam Bangura has been a constant presence in London's house and techno scene for years now. Notably, he has graced events like Gottwood, OFF Sonar, Club der Visionaere, and Amsterdam's Lofi, performing for the likes of VBX and Slapfunk. In 2021, he made his producer debut with a 12" record on Albeit Records, guided by Marlon Clark. His latest release - coming at us here via Half Baked - showcased his transition from the DJ booth to the studio, resulting in a record brimming with unconventional yet precise elements and a warm demeanour.

In 2022, he followed up with a collaborative split EP alongside Harry McCanna, his partner in founding NorthSouth, adopting the alias Henry Hyde. They also delivered a masterfully crafted joint EP under the name Brainsurfers, titled 'HMSB'. These releases provided insight into the growing and distinctive late-night sound of this Liverpool native.

Bangura's most significant achievement to date comes in the form of his debut EP on Half Baked Records, entitled 'Walking Funny'. This release marks his presence alongside renowned artists like Mathew Jonson, Margaret Dygas, Shonky, John Dimas, and SIT. The EP consists of four finely produced tracks that vividly showcase his musical style.

The opening track, 'Range Finder', treats listeners to energetic drum machine rhythms and playful basslines, enhanced by cosmic chords. 'Axel's Limp' follows, presenting a captivating blend of melodies and dynamic drums, radiating a neon-coloured vibrancy. Moving on, 'Bugbear' embraces a grittier atmosphere with a standout bassline propelling the track into rugged tech house territory. Finally, the EP concludes with 'How Are U Feeling?', a spaced-out and polished piece that elegantly concludes the musical journey.

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