Semi Delicious mark their 15th edition with a multi-genre V/A

Demi Riquísimo and his Semi Delicious label return with their 15th edition, presenting a diverse and dancefloor-ready collection of tracks from both established and new artists on the label. Scheduled for release on July 7th, this EP showcases the talents of Lulah Francs, Jive Talk, Demi (the label owner), as well as debuts from NairLess, Last Magpie, Corbi, and Michelle Manetti.

The A-side commences with the collaborative effort 'All I Need' by Demi and Michelle Manetti, a lively and progressive house track infused with nostalgic Italian influences. Following that, Corbi's 'Kraken' (premiered below) delivers a driving and analog acid sound to SEMID015. Lulah Francs and Nebari wrap up the A-side with 'Don't Make Me Wait,' a unique and versatile track that combines proto house-style drum programming and bass with psychedelic synth work and impeccable vocals from Lulah.

On the B-side, NairLess presents 'Swell,' a mesmerising slice of balearic trance that takes listeners on a tripped-out journey. The EP takes a slightly more introspective turn with Last Magpie's 'Release It,' a powerful track propelled by a sharp synth line that is bound to captivate audiences during festival season. Jive Talk's 'Wizard's Slippers' brings the EP to a stylish close, featuring off-kilter drums, distinctive basslines, and a minimalist approach that engages the listener with just the right amount of elements.

Overall, Demi Riquísimo's 15th edition, released under his Semi Delicious imprint, offers a rich selection of tracks that are versatile and primed for club settings, showcasing the talent of both established and emerging artists associated with the label.

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A1. Demi Riquísimo & Michelle Manetti - All I Need

A2. Corbi - Kraken

A3. Lulah Francs & Nebari - Don't Make Me Wait

B1. NairLess - Swell

B2. Last Magpie - Release It

B3. Jive Talk - Wizards Slippers

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