Serginho chats ahead of Gans Anders Festival...

Joining the Mont Blossom Music Group at this year’s Gans Anders Festival (22-24 September in Austria), is Portuguese DJ, Sergnho.! An integral part of Portugal's vibrant music scene, he’s set to showcase his distinctive blend of spacey and stylised house music, promising to captivate the audience with his unparalleled blend of expression, passion, and innovation. With an impressive track record of wowing crowds throughout Portugal and Europe, Serginho has rapidly emerged as a prominent figure in his homeland. Noteworthy collaborations, including the duo "Blá Blá Blá" with André Mecre, and partnerships with Carlos Fauvrelle and the Austrian label Blossom Kollektiv under the Mont Blossom Music Group, have even propelled him onto international stages in Austria, Spain, and Germany. We caught up with him ahead of the event to learn more… 


Tell us a bit about your early forays into house and techno. How did you first discover it? What made it appeal to you so much?

Well… I started with friends doing small parties in a venue 20km way from Oporto, it was back in the 90’s, we were all kids, and we wanted to learn more about how to mix two records at the same time. I still cannot remember when I started to like and listen to house and techno. Maybe one more drink, or joint, at that time and I started to like and understand this new type of music and way of living.

You’re well known for your involvement with Neopop in Portugal. Can you tell us a bit about how you first came involved with the festival?

The first time I went to Neopop was in the early years and I was in the crowd, dancing! Then, a few years later we were invited: Frank Maurel, Zé Salvador, André Mecre and my self to do the after party of the festival. We did it for two years and then we were invited to play in the festival, and we have been doing it ever since! It’s been more than 10 years now. It´s always very nice to be back and spend these days with friends.

You’re also involved with the Lottus After Hours collective. Can you tell us a bit about that too? 

Like I said before, we were invited to do the after party because of Lottus.

Lottus is well known for the vibe, it’s special. It's like family. Started in a venue in the Douro river, and now in a small club near the river, this after-hours is like Mecca, everyone goes there. I’m one of the residents. For me it is the place where you can try different records, you can really express yourself when playing, that’s the best thing.

What does Neopop stand for in your eyes? And what makes it so important to the Portuguese scene? 

Neopop, for me, it’s pride. I’m happy to be part of it. Neopop has been growing all this years, the sound, the visuals are insane! Year after year they do better, and that’s not easy. Neopop is very important for the Portuguese scene, I think now we have something like 40, 50 nationalities, that’s a lot of new people to come to Portugal, we should be proud!

Neopop always blends international acts with local ones. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite Portuguese acts who will be playing the festival? 

I always like to hear Rui Vargas, who is one of the best.

Serginho at Neopop

Where do you feel the scene at home is now? And are you happy with the direction it’s headed in?

Right now we are facing a change in the style and in the bpm’s. For me it is cool, I always like to find new stuff, even if it’s old! It’s a bit faster and progressive, but it’s cool. Sometimes a bit to fast, if you know what I mean. Everything is cyclical.

We’ve also had the likes of Cruz on too, and he speaks volumes about the Lisbon scene. If we’d 24 hours to spend there, what would you recommend we do? 

I haven’t actually been so many times to Lisbon. I know that Lux is a must go club, and 5A is also nice.

You’ve previously collaborated with the likes of André Mecre as Blá Blá Blá, and with Carlos Fauvrelle & the Austrian label, Blossom Kollektiv from the Mont Blossom Music Group. How does the collaboration process work with you?

When producing we go with the flow. Just like that. None of us is trying to impose our own style, no. We just try to complete what the other just does.

You’ve been invited to Austria to play with Mont Blossom at the Gans Anders Festival. What do these opportunities mean to you? And how did it first come about?

I’m always very happy to go back to Innsbruck. I met Miguel when my first record with André was out, 2009, and we have beenfriends since. I’ve been playing in Innsbruck for more than 10 years, and I always want to come back and be with Miguel and the Emma crew!

This year I will play in the Gans Anders Festival, and I’m really looking forward to it!

Can you give us an insight into five tracks that you’ll likely be playing? 

Voyager 8 - We Left the Planet

Voyager 8 - Transistor Rhythm

Cari Lekebush - Till Dig Steve

Trancesetters - The Search

DJ ESP - The Power Hour

What’s next for you - professionally and musically - that you’re really excited about? 

I’m looking forward to play in Gans Anders festival. Miguel has been talking a lot about the festival and I’m really looking forward to it!

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Serginho plays Gans Anders Festival 2023, taking place 22-24 September. For tickets, check here