Son Of Sound releases The Unreleased DAT Tapes 2 via the District 30 label (news)

Through releases for the likes of Freerange and collaborations with his good friend Jus Ed, Henry Maldonado aka Son of Sound, is someone whose whole work continues to be a byword for quality east coast house music. His latest release isn’t just inspired by 90’s house, but actually is 90’s house. During this especially fertile time, Maldonado left so many tracks on the table, the likes of which were simply never released or sat on for decades. Thankfully, they’ve now seen the light of day, and we can confirm that it’s absiolutely been worth the wait! 

Featured here are 4 tracks of S-950, SP1200 and MPC touched rawness. The late, great and eternally talented Sabrynaah Pope delivers a vocal performance on Life that is sure to get you lifted. “Experience life, taste each day, take the bitter along with the sweet” - this is a record we’re sure to be coming back to over and over.  

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