Stratasonic Imprint Launches with ANiML's 'Accidental Effects' in April 2024

Stratasonic is a new label founded by a German/Canadian collective operating out of LA whose roots dig deep into electronic music. By collaborating with artists new and legendary they’ll push the boundaries of the traditional music space into visual arts, video, events, digital and beyond. The collective’s philosophy is to reimagine the music, masters, and methods of the past in a modern context, exposing the world to the stuff they like. Here to inaugurate the label is ANIML, the project whose members will remain anonymous is inspired by the classic era of vinyl and analogue production with hints of 90’s nostalgia.

Hi Stratasonic crew, thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Nightclubber. We understand the label is being launched out of LA but is made up a collective of artists from Germany and Canada. If possible could you offer some insight into some of your roots in electronic music leading up to the launch of Stratasonic?

The label is run by a group that has its roots in 1990s and early 2000s rave culture. It was a scene we just couldn’t grow out of, no matter how hard we tried! We have members of our group that came into electronic music through industrial and synth pop, through early trance, house and techno, through funk, pretty much all the usual suspects.

‘’By collaborating with artists new and legendary they’ll push the boundaries of the traditional music space into visual arts, video, events, digital and beyond’’, could you elaborate on this statement some more and tell us how you’ll be pushing the envelope through your releases?

We understand that the music business has changed. We’d love to do vinyl only releases like we did years ago. However, if you want your music to reach people today, particularly people outside of your circle, video and events are necessary. It’s how people interact with music these days. Over the years we’ve gained experience doing large scale events, music videos, etc. And we’ve built up a recording studio that we think is fairly unique, and we want to enable our artists to create using tools they may not typically have access to. We are trying to enable the artists on our label to pursue whatever creative avenues they want.

Is there anything else surrounding Stratasonic and the crew behind it that you could share with our audience?

We’re pretty easy to find.

Could you offer us an LA guide of things to do, check out, places to shop, buy records, dance and anything else you would recommend as must do’s for people visiting from across the globe?

La Dolce Vita is our favorite Italian restaurant, the Chinatown block parties are fun, they do them about once a month in the summer. Amoeba is worth checking out.

Any tips of one to watch artists coming out of the LA scene, maybe some you plan to release or any others in your circle?

ANIML and Teleport are our current favs.

After this first release what does the near and distant future hold for the imprint?

We’ve got the first year of releases planned out, some names you’ve heard of and some new ones.

Listen the release here