Ten Fingerz' guide to Paris

Ten Fingerz's tracks are always brimming with dancefloor vigour, drawing inspiration from various sources, including acid House, 90s Techno, the French Touche era's productions, as well as jazzy and afro-house tunes. As a DJ and producer, he's an avid vinyl enthusiast and collector, employing his nimble fingers on the decks to deliver a potent and irresistibly groovy style of house music, occasionally venturing into the funkier realms of techno. Audiences at iconic venues like Rex Club, Djoon, Mazette, or the Marvellous Island festival continue to rave about his electrifying performances.

He's also a co-founder of the Frappé records label, alongside Basile de Suresnes, where they have cultivated a distinctive, club-centric sound. We caught up with Ten Fingerz himself recently to learn more about his adopted home of Paris…

"I've been living in Paris since 2007 but originally hail from Lyon in the southeast of France. When I arrived, I only had one friend in the city and my sister. It took me some time to navigate this bustling metropolis where there's always something happening. Once you've discovered a few favourite places and made some good friends to hang out with, life becomes much easier in the French capital. I really enjoy living in Paris, although at times I find it overcrowded and expensive. However, the nightlife is vibrant, and there are plenty of cool places to buy vinyl records, everything a DJ could ask for!”

Favourite club - Rex club

"The first club I visited when I arrived in Paris was the Rex Club. I had always wanted to experience this iconic venue but hadn't had the chance until then. My big dream was to DJ at Rex one day, and it finally came true in 2021 during one of our Frappé Nights. It was an incredible experience. We've hosted six nights at this legendary club now, with our most recent guest being Chez Damier, just a week after the club's reopening. It's a very memorable place. The club underwent renovations over the summer, including a new DJ booth, bar, and decor. It feels like the doors have just opened, even though it's been around for 30 years now. I highly recommend going there for a night of dancing.

Website: Rex Club

Rex Club

Favourite part - House O Drome

"There's also a monthly Sunday event I'm a big fan of called House O Drome, and I've had the privilege of playing there twice already. Starting at 4 PM and running until 9 PM, it feels like a family reunion, where everyone arrives in high spirits just to dance and enjoy the best soulful house music. If you're in town for a weekend and want to groove on a Sunday, check it out.

Facebook: House O Drome

Another favourite club! 

"Djoon is another one of my favorite clubs. The sound system is impeccable, and the wooden floor is a dancer's paradise. They host the best international House Music DJs along with local talents, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

YouTube: Djoon


Favourite record store - Techno import 

"For record shopping, there are 4 or 5 shops I often visit, depending on what I'm looking for. Techno Import is one of the oldest electronic music dealers in Europe, operating since 1991. They have the latest releases and also frequently stock older second-hand records.

Website: Techno Import

Techno Import

My favourite record store for second-hand gems 

"On the same street (Rue des Taillandiers), you'll find Synchrophone, another renowned establishment with an excellent record selection, including many second-hand options in the second room. Bring your wallet; it's a treasure trove!

Website: Synchrophone


My favourite record store for used house records

"For funkier stuff, disco, and rarities, Betino is the go-to place. They also offer a wide selection of cool new and used house music records. Don't be fooled by the relatively small shop; it's filled with hidden gems.

Website: Betino's


My favourite record store for more minimal cuts 

"If you're on the hunt for deeper, more minimal records, Yoyaku is the place to be. These guys are passionate and have an impressive collection of super cool records. Plan to spend at least a couple of hours browsing.

Website: Yoyaku


My favourite new record store

"There's also a new spot that opened last year, aptly named 'Musique House.' They are experts in electronic music and have some rare bangers in stock as well.

Instagram: Musique House Paris

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Ten Fingerz's latest EP, Jeux de Mains, is out now via Frappé. Buy/listen to the release here