Twelve Clouds releases Sample Pack 2

Twelve Clouds Sample Pack 2
Twelve Clouds

You might have heard of Twelve Clouds over the past few years. An enigmatic Belgian DJ/producer whose music has graced the likes of Purism, Daydream and Hoary, we’ve been big fans of his since we first encountered his music, even touting him as one to watch via our Future Stars mix series. Though he’s not someone who shares social media content on a daily basis, when he does he makes sure to showcase his best side, To borrow a common phrase, he’s very much someone who prefers to “let the music do the talking”, but nonetheless, he’s been extremely busy in the studio over the last while.

Recently, Maxime / Twelve Clouds has been delving into the world of sample packs, and his work in this area is to be truly admired. We had a quick chat with him and he’s thoughts are as follows: “Many sample packs available in the market often bear the names of industry giants like Sweely, Priku, Cristi Cons, Luuk Van Dijk, and more. They've become a kind of 'standard' for producers, with platforms like Sample Market being well-known, while their pricing is often pretty expensive. Doesn't sound too exciting, does it?”

“I believe samples and sounds should be easily accessible. After all, music is about creativity and a shared passion, not about emptying people's wallets, right?

What producers truly desire is a personalised pack that can inspire and elevate their music, all at affordable prices. This, I believe, would lead to fewer instances of piracy and more genuine support!

With this pack, my aim was to challenge the stereotype and show that someone like me, an 'artist under the radar,' can offer this too. You don't have to be at the top of the hierarchy to provide these valuable tools.

I hope that by taking these steps, it not only motivates me but also helps others understand that it's perfectly fine to share! In the end, that's what it's all about. For a long time, I've drawn inspiration from artists like Cab Drivers, 100Hz, Nick Beringer, and others!

This pack comprises a collection of unused bass lines, melodies, pads, atmospheres, and percussion loops. Every time I worked on music, I reached a point where certain elements no longer fit. Instead of discarding them, I gathered them so that others could put them to better use.”

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