Ukrainian artist Wyro releases new album

On Wyro's newly released collaborative 11-track LP, Focus, via his own Engineer imprint, you'll discover even more captivating hardware compositions that please the senses. The standout track, Focus, entices the listener with thick, dense, yet precise synths, occasionally punctuated by evocative pads that strike like laser beams from above.

Certain tracks envelop house beats with warm synths, while others take a more minimal approach, interjecting skittish and unpredictable churning modular growls. Gizrene, a collaboration with fellow Ukrainian Silak Beksi, exemplifies this, as do Morpharra and the incredibly seductive Motives, created in partnership with Komey.

Speaking of Komey, the irresistible groove the duo establishes on Fields is particularly remarkable, building upon a powerful synth riff amidst a chaotic whirlwind of bleeps and bloops. Each track possesses its own distinctive essence, transitioning from vibrant and ethereal to profound and propulsive. Tunnel Vision, produced in tandem with Doubtinghomas, exudes a profoundly dark atmosphere. Conversely, the final track with HC, No Sightseeing, feels like a sunrise, tenderly concluding the album with a lighter 808 groove and a floating melody.

Eleven moments of breathtakingly crafted electronic grooves, realized by one of the most thrilling talents in minimal house. Make sure to grace the dancefloor with this gem in the near future.

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