Vince Watson returns with new LP, Another Moment In Time

After a 20-year wait, Vince Watson is finally releasing the highly anticipated follow-up to his classic album, 'Moments In Time,' which he released on Ibadan and Alola. The new album is called 'Another Moment In Time,' and we get a sneak peek with the album sampler, featuring three tracks selected from the LP. One is a familiar number, one is a fresh track, and the third is a Bandcamp Exclusive. These tracks embody the vibe, energy, and direction of Watson's debut two albums.

The first track, 'Rendezvous,' was initially released on Carl Craig's Planet E in 2006 and quickly became a cult classic with its beautiful chords and Detroit house influences. The second iteration, 'Another Rendezvous,' appeared on Osunlade's Yoruba in 2018 and took the track in a more Afro House direction. This latest version brings a fresh twist, flipping the deep, soothing Balearic vibes of the original into upfront deep house territory. The track made its debut at Carl Cox's birthday party in Ibiza during a live set at DC10 in the summer of 2022.

The second track on the sampler, 'Peace Of Mind,' is a Bandcamp exclusive. The full album version of this track features Jon Dixon [UR/Detroit] as a co-Writer, but this sampler contains the original version with Vince on keys. Finally, the closing track, 'Whispers' (premiered by us below) os the first of twelve new tracks on the album. It immediately reminds listeners of the early Vince Watson sound, with dreamy pads, moody chord changes, and plenty of bleeps. The track brings a fresh twist to old memories and melancholy, capturing both the old and the new. If the sampler is any indication, the full-length album set to release in September is going to be one of the most remarkable albums of the year.

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