Voigtmann announces his second album LIFE MILES LP

Voigtmann, a renowned artist celebrated for his mesmerizing sonic landscapes and boundary-pushing sound explorations, has firmly established himself as one of the most innovative producers in the electronic music realm. After three years of meticulous craftsmanship, his second album, titled 'Life Miles' LP, unveils an unparalleled musical odyssey that underscores his artistic growth. This album marks a pivotal moment in his career as he ventures into uncharted territories while joining the esteemed 20/20 Vision Recordings.

Operating from the depths of the electronic underground, Voigtmann's acclaim has been forged through an array of accomplishments, including his role in co-founding Toi.Toi.Musik, the successful launch of his own label 'Subsequent' (cherished by luminaries like ZIP, Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, and others), his regular all-night-long performances at cherished London community venues like The Lion & Lamb pub, and his unforgettable DJ sets across the globe.

As the title 'Life Miles' suggests, Voigtmann's album reflects his current artistic position, offering introspection on his journey thus far while eagerly embracing new creative ventures. The musical tapestry showcased in this body of work epitomizes his distinctive style, blending intricate textures, entrancing rhythms, and microsounds, all the while delving into realms of lower tempos, ambient landscapes, and dub influences. This album reveals fresh facets of his artistry.

Voigtmann himself explains, "Creating a genuine album, for me, is a delicate equilibrium between constraint and venturing outside one's comfort zone, suitable for both club and home listening. This album stands as a proud snapshot of my production skills, capturing my mood and sonic evolution at this moment in time. Immense attention to technical detail was dedicated to its production, making it the best-sounding music I've ever created, and it's also my most personal album to date. Landing it on a legendary label like 20/20 Vision is a dream come true, as I've long admired and played their output. Collaborating with Ralph has been a productive and professional journey, highlighting the beauty of two creative minds working together. This is a proud moment in my career."

Sonically traversing the album, 'Pinfire' and 'Transitory Moments' kick off proceedings with an energetic fervor reminiscent of the exhilarating vibe found on the dance floor at fabric. Meanwhile, 'North of the Sun' transports listeners to desert landscapes on alien worlds. 'Abundance' showcases Voigtmann's profound melodic sensibilities, with intricate layers of synths weaving harmoniously over a commanding bassline and a standout top line.

Voigtmann's diverse musical influences come to life with 'Lowrider' and 'Flight of Fancy,' where beats are deconstructed into masterfully programmed breakbeats that groove and skip over dub-infused basslines. On 'Send Love to the Future' and 'Headlong,' the tempo gracefully slows down, creating elegant, swirling soundscapes evoking sun-kissed shores and interstellar voyages among the stars.

Listen/pre-order the release here