Voigtmann arrives on Half Baked with new EP, Aesthetic Solutions

Starting his journey in London's conceptual underground party Toi Toi Musik, Claus Voigtmann has come a long way, now heading his own Subsequent imprint and receiving support from renowned figures like ZIP, Ricardo Villalobos, and Sonja Moonear. He has become a central figure in the city's underground house scene. Fresh from the release of his 'Life Miles' LP on 20:20 Vision in late 2023, Voigtmann now marks his label debut on Half Baked's prestigious in-house imprint. This new release, 'Aesthetic Solutions' EP, takes us deep into his distinctive sound, setting the stage for a series of releases leading up to Half Baked's 15th Birthday later this year.

The title track, 'Aesthetic Solutions,' presents an enchanting blend of mind-bending soundscapes and futuristic atmospheres accompanied by intricate drum programming. 'California Cruise Control' dives even deeper, with a prominent squelchy bassline taking the spotlight. 'Underexposure' then elevates the energy with its cosmic and driving sounds, while 'Areola 51' weaves silky loops and futuristic synths over crisp beats, showcasing Voigtmann's signature bass. These tracks from the EP were already in the hands of DJs last summer and have been making waves on dancefloors around the world, ensuring their presence well into 2024.

Voigtmann's 'Aesthetic Solutions' is out now via Half Baked Records. Buy/listen to the release here