Yuu Udagawa's cultural guide to Tokyo

Yuu Udagawa

Hi, this is Yuu. I recently released ‘Spectral’ to Trusted Rhythm Records !If you’d like, listen to that one here while you read.

Today, I’ll guide you through Tokyo’s creative scene, especially Shibuya. The best word to describe it is “Crossover”. Here, technology, tradition, sophistication, street culture, manga and more blend together. Many creators live here and engage in fascinating projects. I live in Tokyo, constantly inspired by their creativity.

Performance of Android Opera Tokyo

The recent performance of Android Opera Tokyo was stunning. Created by composer and artist, Keiichiro Shibuya, it features an AI-equipped android that sings with an orchestra. The android’s lyrics are more direct and impactful than human ones, with a unique, multi layered voices. Real monks as choir add powerful energy with their chants.Live visuals capture fragility, and strength, creating a surreal atmosphere with immersive sound technology. For an overture composed with AI, the phrasing of the performance was left to individual orchestral players. Ultimately, human performers bring the show to life by syncing with the android, which is thought-provoking. "Who owns this music?"


Photo by Kenshu Shintsubo @ ATAK
Photo by Kenji Agata @ ATAK



NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC] is a cultural facility showcasing cutting-edge media art and technology. The anechoic chamber offers an astonishing spatial audio experience. When I experienced “Our Muse” by the artist evala, I felt transported through time and space, with dimensions seemingly twisted.

NTT InterCommunication Center [ICC

Let’s check what [ICC] is currently exhibiting!

https://www.ntticc.or.jp/en/ or Instagram

Five G Music Technology

I believe many of the readers of this article are electronic music lovers, so I definitely want to introduce ‘Five G Music Technology.’ This is a long-established shop specializing in synthesizers. It is also a mecca for vintage synthesizers in Japan. You can try outeverything in the store. They have a rich stock of parts and experienced specialist technicians.

Address: Le Ponte Building 4F 1-14-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


Sanrokumaru Studio

Sanrokumaru Studio is an immersive audio studio that offers the best sound separationI have ever experienced. It is especially excellent at reproducing sound coming from below. This might be because it involves not only film and pops professionals but also pioneers of the club scene. If you book early, you can use this studio for mixing and mastering.

Sanrokumaru Studio on Instagram

Here, a unique point is that there is no work desk to capture the movement of the sound from downward.

Sanrokumaru Studio

ISC - International Sound Corporation Tokyo

Located within Sanrokumaru Studio, this mastering and cutting studio is managed by Chester Beatty and DJ SHUFFLEMASTER.

They have released their works on vinyl through prestigious German labels such as Tresor. DJ SHUFFLEMASTER has been along-time acquaintance since my teenage years. See Instagram for more.

ISC - International Sound Corporation Tokyo

YAR TOKYO is the design studio of artist Yoshi Rotten. He works with the theme of “making the invisible visible,” and his portfolio includes graphic design, installation art,and artworks for stores, hotels, and parks. He has also directed art for Hermèsadvertisements and shows in Japan. He is a key figure in Tokyo’s creative culture, fusing street, art, and high fashion. He is also a DJ, which gives him a deep understanding of music, leading to many requests for music-related artwork. In 2022, I worked with him on a project, and it was fantastic. He interacts with everyone equally, whether they areinfluential figures or young newcomers, which I deeply respect. People can’t visit YAR TOKYO, but they can inquire about art and design projects.

Yoshi Rotten on Instagram



Next : Yoshirotten Exhibition "FUTURE NATURE / SF Kagoshima"Exhibition

Period: October 8, 2024 (Tue) - November 24, 2024 (Sun)




I definitely wanted to introduce you to Rhizomatiks, a Japanese creative group exploring new possibilities in technology and artistic expression. Their work spansexperimental projects in media art, data art, and entertainment. Unfortunately, Icouldn’t get the publishing approval in time. So, there are no photos here, please check their website and SNS for more details.


Thank you!

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