Aureum release remix of iconic Azymuth track

Even prior to establishing their own record label, Bruce Leroys and the Far Out crew resolved to incorporate into their releases a synopsis of their preferred elements in Brazilian music: characteristic instruments, themes, rhythms, and the distinctive musical accent that defines our global identity. With that in mind, their compatriot Alex Malheiros, the bassist and founding member of the renowned group Azymuth, has always served as a source of inspiration.

Initially envisioning a utopian plan, they aspired to involve him in some capacity. In 2017, these utopian dream became a reality. Under the guise of re-recording one of Azymuth's most significant tracks from 1975, "Melo da Cuíca," and with the assistance of the beloved Carlos Machado and the proprietor of the equally iconic Castelo studio, Fabio Motta, they had the privilege of not only producing their fellow countryman but the entire Azymuth ensemble!

With "Melo da Cuíca" (Aureum Remix), the original recordings of percussion elements, drum variations, cuícas, whistles, layers of double bass, Hammond, Rhodes, and synthesizers were skillfully crafted and performed by the official members of Azymuth: Alex Malheiros (double bass), Ivan Conti "Mamão" (whistles, drums, percussion), and Kiko Continentino (Rhodes, Hammond, and Synths) in 2017 at Castelo Studio, the very same studio where the recent Azymuth albums were recorded.

Aureum’s remix received the approval of the founding members in early 2023 and signifies the culmination of their present artistic phase, wherein they strive to blend Brazilian jazz with a particular style of dance music, a genre that bears a profound influence from Azymuth itself.

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