Crowd Control's guide to Lyon

"I've been living in Lyon for 10 years now, and couldn't really move anywhere else in France ever since. Most of the people living here will tell you that Lyon is one of the best city of the world, or the most beautiful. Someone even created an Instagram location called "Lyon la plus belle ville de France" ("Lyon the most beautiful city of France")"

"Quite amusing, but also quite true, and as much as I love the quality of life here, I love to show the city to all the fellow artists I'm inviting to play at my parties."

"A typical journey in Lyon with me as a guide would look like this :

We take the funicular and I bring you to the iconic Basilique de Fourvière Then we walk down and enjoy the view (image 3) and stop by a cosy coffee place like Café Popine or Café Maé where I'm used to going on a daily basis to work. They're the best host and do amazing hot drinks and quality food !"

Basilique de Fourvière
The view from the top of Basilique de Fourvière

"Then we embark on a boat and go to the end of the peninsula. Yes, the central part of Lyon is located between two rivers, heavenly!"

"After a quick stop at the Confluences museum, it's time for some well deserved cocktails back to the city center at Le Groom (image 6 & 7), where you can also stay for the night. I love to dj there, it's intimate and nice, as other places that I love, like Terminal and Super 5."

The Confluences museum

"Not far from the confluence where we've been just before are 3 of my other favorite spots : Le Heat, Le Sucre, and Le Petit Salon. You can start in the first and spend the night in the two others. If you're looking for big clubs with fine soundsystem, that's where you want to go!"

"Survived the first day ? Congratz! Now we can enjoy the great record shops the city has to offer. Onigiri Records is my go to, but I wish I had more time to explore the other ones more regularly (image 9). Unité Centrale and Sofa Records are amazing as well, and LEGRAM VG is about to open very soon ! Exciting times!"

Onigiri Records

"Then we grab a coffee and go for a walk at Parc de la tête d'or."

Parc de la tête d'or

"Hungry now ? Here are a few addresses I got for you : Brasserie Georges, L'épicerie de Ginette, A Cantina, Totem & Tempo, Les Délices du Liban."

"... and now listen to our freshly released birthday project below!"

"I hope to see you soon in our beautiful city! Until then, you can enjoy this playlist made with Lyon based artists only

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