Cyphon Recordings welcome Flabaire into the fold

Cyphon Recordings warmly welcomes Flabaire, a talented DJ, producer, musician, and co-owner of D.KO, for their fourth release on the label. Despite being only 29 years old, this Parisian artist, known as Ralph Maruani, has already achieved numerous notable accomplishments. He has successfully launched three albums and multiple EPs on his esteemed D.KO label, which will commemorate its 10th anniversary this year. Flabaire has also made significant contributions to Organic-Music, Deeppa Records, and South Street, garnering critical acclaim.

In addition to his solo endeavors, Flabaire actively participates as a bass player in the five-piece house band Secret Value Orchestra. More recently, he has delved into his early passion for psych-rock with his Aboukir project, while simultaneously preparing for the release of his second album.

For his upcoming solo EP on Cyphon, Flabaire presents a captivating fusion of electro, IDM, and deep house, evoking a beautiful sense of nostalgia. If there's one area where Flabaire excels, it's in creating profoundly emotive and atmospheric music, and 'Entre-Deux' perfectly embodies this talent. The EP wastes no time in tugging at heartstrings, as the opening track 'In Between' intertwines an electro drum beat with lush pads that beckon a shimmering synth line to emerge from the mist. At the midway point, a cowbell joins the arrangement, while the pads grow in intensity, creating a glistening backdrop for a bubbling, squelchy 303 beneath the surface.

'No Minding' gracefully transitions into softer sonic realms, providing a moment of contemplation. This serene blend of deep house and electronica is guided by a warm bass bounce and subtle percussive elements, adorned with chopped vocal samples and vibrant keys.

Flabaire's mastery of bass continues to shine on 'Click Plok,' as he skillfully interweaves delicate, gliding pads with precise bleeps, gentle open hats, and a meandering synth solo. The palpable atmosphere remains just as enchanting on the closing track, 'FBG.' A balmy, syncopated groove takes the lead, harmoniously accompanied by twinkling synth melodies that dance over dusty breakbeats and murmuring vocal stutters.