Dzc delivers stunning LP on fortunea [Interview]

Hot off the back of her first 4-track EP 'Conversations with Birds' on Fortunea  which has been drumming up support from the likes of Ben UFO, Jimpster, Nick Warren and Mr Beatnick we talk to Dzc. the highly sought-after DJ, who has been leaving her mark in Austria and beyond.

As a key member of the Acid Lambada crew, she has been featured in well-established curated festivals and events, both locally and internationally.

Her productions mirror her passion for synth-driven dance music, characterised by dreamy pads and playful melodies.

Her latest record, 'Conversations with Birds' EP is a meticulously balanced collection of tracks designed for each phase of a club night. Drawing inspiration from elements of 90s House and progressive sounds, 'Visual Mind' and 'In Sight' are dreamlike journeys with lively synth melodies, joyful basslines, and captivating pads and textures. The latter has also been reworked by Fortunea regular Peletronic, infusing crisp minimalistic rhythms into his 'Blurred Vision' Mix. We caught up with here recently to learn more, and of course, to chat about some of her own inspirations… 

Hi Dzc., How‘re you? What’s happening in your world at the moment?

Pretty exciting things are happening at the Moment. I‘m currently rehearsing with my partner in crime (Zanshin) for our upcoming live concert at Elevate Festival with our ambient project, seventeen eleven

You live in Vienna. If we were in Vienna for a weekend, what would you recommend we get up to? 

1. Westlicht - The Home of photography.
As a studied photographer, Westlicht is one of my favourite museums/galleries, featuring outstanding exhibitions and a gallery of fascinating cameras from the 20th century.

2. Das Market - My Favorite Record Dealer
Fritz is an amazing selector and seller, who provides incredibly good advice and always has the latest stuff on hand, from disco to breakbeat - he‘s got it all. Love goes out to this great human being!

3. Frau Mayer - A must go!
One of my favorite and most authentic bars, Frau Mayer hosts wonderful live bands every week and offers a chance to jam with musicians afterwards. It boasts a lovely atmosphere and provides a great opportunity to connect with other musicians.

What other Austrian producers we be listening to right now?

Wiener Planquadrat


Jon Gravy


You‘ve just released your EP, Conversations with Birds, on fortunea. Tell us about it and your inspiration behind the release?

‘Conversations with Birds‘ is a blend of cherished childhood memories and beautiful moments meant to be shared with friends and loved ones. It‘s essentially a soothing EP to let the soul unwind. This EP is infused with many emotions and above all, a lot of mindfulness.

It actually came about by pure chance, as one morning I listened to the birds chirping, and was suddenly struck with the idea to blend their melodies into my music along with the plea- sant feeling of the sun rays on the skin. The ambient pads within the tracks evoke a constant state of bliss, which draws listeners into a world of imagination and dreams.

Are there any standout tracks you’re particularly excited about?

Not particularly. The tracks all fit together as they are, forming a connected constellation that I‘m very happy with.

Where was the EP made? Can you expand on some of the notable gear/plugins you used on this?

Mainly in my home studio, where I feel most vulnerable and imaginative. I use a variety of plug-ins controlled through my MIDI Keyboard. For instance, I use the Roland Cloud for that distinct 90s touch. The Juno 106, which is my all-time favourite, frequently features in my tracks, serving as both bass and lead. Additionally, I turn to the Korg M1 for its exceptional pads and strings.

As a producer, what message do you hope to convey through your music? What themes or ideas do you find yourself returning to again and again in your work?

I hope that people (especially in today‘s era where attention spans are very short and tracks must be no longer than 3 minutes to achieve radio potential) take more time to listen carefully and discover details in the tracks. Each track has its own storytelling and I notice that this influences my productions as well. I allow my tracks the time to unfold and usually, in the end, everything comes together beautifully and becomes one harmonious piece.

Can you describe the connection between your music and your Austrian roots, and how they continue to influence your music today?

Not specifically Austria, but I’m pretty open-minded and enjoy listening to music from all over the world. I like to explore a variety of genres that inspire my creativity, such as contemporary jazz (e.g.: Fazer, Ishmael Enseble, Ebi Soda), neo-classics (Hania Rani, Ólafur Arnalds, Otto A. Totland), and ambient (Boards of Canada, New Composers and The KLF).

So, I believe that each genre I dive into definitely has an impact on me.

Which other artists have had a big influence on your sound?

Kerri Chandler has had the biggest impact on my music and is the reason why I started producing house. He‘s someone who knows how to masterfully blend pumping drums with energetic melodies and basslines. Even today, I still discover tracks of his that surprise me, thinking I‘ve heard them all. He‘s truly a genius in his own league!

Additionally, Leon Vynehall is a wonderful creative mind with innovative, genre-blending sounds that evoke deep emotions through his music. I‘m inspired by both sides of Leon - from his authentic and sophisticated sounds that seamlessly blend together to tell a story, to his more percussive sound. He brings a fresh perspective to the electronic music scene.

Lastly, The Orb‘s dreamy ambient sounds, dubby and uplifting 90s club tracks have also been influential on my music. I love how they create a feeling of endless space and time in their songs. Their music always takes me on a hypnotic journey with its gradual changes and layers of sound.

Can you tell us about any challenges you have faced in your career and how you overcame them? Have there been any specific obstacles or difficulties you‘ve had to navigate as an electronic musician?

Being a female musician and producer in a male-dominated industry has its challenges. Gender biases and stereotypes can make it tough to be taken seriously and recognised for my skills. But I keep pushing forward, working hard to show what I‘m capable of and proving myself through dedication and perseverance.I‘m trying to stay true to my creative vision and to trust in my abilities.

What’s next for you? Can you tell us about any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the works? Are there any new directions or sounds you‘re exploring in your music right now?

Absolutely. Over the next two months, I have two exciting releases lined up, both offering a surge of energy and power. Firstly, I‘ve made a remix for Abdul Raeva, set to be released in March on Hidden Assets, a sub-label of Gestalt Records. Following that, in April, I‘ll be releasing a track for the Queer Base Vienna VA Compilation and in the second half of the year an EP on Miura Records.

Also, I‘ve been diving into different sounds that have always interested me but didn‘t quite fit with my usual style. Together with Zanshin, we‘re working on a special project exploring ambient sounds and creating soundscapes. Right now, we‘re creating an album that we‘re really excited about releasing later this year.

Finally, Which are the three records that you’ve been putting in your bag without hesitating?

Atmosphere - Kerri Chandler
An EP that I still love to play to this day after so many years.

I am - Boiling Point

It‘s all about the energy! So much love and energy packed into this record!

Mateo & Matos - It‘s a tough call whether to play the A or B side of this record. All tracks are just fire!

Dzc.’s Conversations with Birds is out now via fortunea. Buy/listen to the release here