Elnur steps up for Ukraine Series mix

Amongst those in the know, Elnur Yagubov (who DJs and produces solely as ‘Elnur’) is very much a DJ worth knowing. Now based in Germany, Elnur is best known for his work as part of the SURE collective, a group of local DJs known for digging deep and unearthing great treasures as they do so. Though they’ve hosted foreign talents in the past, SURE is mostly a family affair, with its local residents very much the start of the show. Highly recommended by Olga Korol (who we’re hosting a mix from soon), we’re really delighted to host Elnur’s mix. A further reminder that Ukraine is full to the brim with electronic music talent, we can safely say that this series has brought a raft of brilliant new DJs to our attention, who we'll most definitely be looking out for from now on. Listen to it now here and take a peek at our interview with Elnur below...

Hi Elnur, thank you for taking the time to deliver a mix for us. Before we delve into that, could you tell us about your involvement in the Ukrainian electronic music scene prior to the invasion?

I cannot recall the exact year I fell in love with electronic music; it just came naturally to me. However, my passion and enthusiasm for it were elevated to a new level when I joined the SURE promo group. The group provided the right platform, and we became residents of our favourite club, RiverPort (now Collider), forming a great team with Andrii and AnnyRock. We organised excellent events, performed gigs throughout Ukraine, had guest appearances, and had great plans for the future. We were not just a part of the electronic scene, but we set the rhythm and thoroughly enjoyed it. Unfortunately, our lives were almost ruined by someone's malicious intent.

Given the current situation in Ukraine, how has the electronic music scene come together to support each other? Have you seen the best of the community shine through?

I must emphasise that the Ukrainian electronic music scene is a mature, strong, and talented community. In fact, during my year in Berlin, I noticed that many musicians had moved there from Kyiv and other UA cities to form a new branch of this community. They are extremely supportive of one another, whether it is arranging events together or providing simple advice. Some examples include Closer, Rhythm Büro, Veselka, which did not let the war stop their businesses and continued to organise events in and out of the country.

Has music been therapeutic for you during this difficult time? What music have you been listening to lately?

Honestly, I am quite an obsessed music lover and digger. Whatever happens in the world, music can be a magical cure. So, yes, it has been therapeutic for me. I usually check out previews on Discogs, but it really depends on my mood.

Have you returned to clubs yet? Could you tell us about your experience?

As a part of the SURE promo group, we organised two successful events this year, and I have also performed as a guest at several other events. I was also impressed by the iN community in Baku, where I was born. The guys are making great contributions to the music scene there. Not long ago, the Baku music scene was like a desert, but now, it is thriving.

How involved have you been in the conflict? For example, have you joined the army?

I believe that every person should fight on their own frontline. Although I am originally from Azerbaijan, I feel truly Ukrainian. Hence, my experience in logistics helped me to contribute as a volunteer, shipping pickup trucks and humanitarian aid from the EU to Ukraine. Furthermore, we donate part of the income from SURE events to humanitarian needs.

Could you tell us about the mix you have created for us, and the vibe you were going for?

When recording the mix, I imagined myself as a short-film director, creating a groovy plot from the late 90s with several scenes and a happy ending.

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