Nima Gorji drops 'Let's Talk' via the Suleiman record label, including remix from Franco Cinelli

Born in Iran and currently living in Ibiza, Nima Gorji is a highly respected DJ and producer whose career spans over two decades. He is a veteran artist known for his music on prestigious record labels such as Fuse London, Get Physical, SCI+TEC and Cécille.

His stripped back style fuses immersive atmosphere with hypnotic percussion and deep basslines. Not only is Nima Gorji a successful producer, but he is also a revered DJ who's played everywhere from Mexico to Australia.

On remix duty, Franco Cinelli is an Argentinian artist from Rosario, and he has a techy style that infuses analogue synths with jazzy melodies and flowing percussion. He is an accomplished DJ and influential producer who boasts releases on record labels such as Moan, Bass Culture, Rawax and Ilian Tape.

"Freedom" opens the release with soulful vocals layered with an acid bassline and soothing pads, while the hi-hats and other top end percussion fill the track with upbeat energy.

Franco Cinelli's remix of "Freedom" adds a new swelling bassline that changes the groove of the track. He also thickens the drums and chops the vocal into a rhythmic hit that adds to the percussive focus of his version.

"Your Mind" is second of the two originals, and it follows a similar formula to its predecessor, but instead opts for slightly heavier percussion. Its soulful vocal is also used as more of an atmospheric texture.

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