Finest Wear debuts on Minor Notes (News)

Russian label Minor Notes will be releasing more of their signature beautiful music with a new artist on board - Finest Wear, otherwise known as Cenzo Scoglio, a renowned producer hailing from London, UK. With strong releases on labels such as Plastic City, Nightbird, Artizan Music, and Loud East Records, he marks his debut for the fledgling imprint here with four tracks that perfectly embody the spirit and philosophy of both the artist and the label. 

The 'Something Minor EP' is a celebration of the past and present, with a modern take on old-school deep house, with the music paying homage to the roots of the genre while incorporating the latest production techniques. From hypnotic loops to pulsating basslines, to solid drum  and groovy percussive hats, the typically titled Something Minor serves up a real treat for house heads.  

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