Gabriel Rai steps-up with an exclusive warm-up mix at XTD before Praslesh

Dive into the auditory realm as Gabriel Rai, the Swedish maestro with roots in London, unveils an exclusive mix to set the stage ablaze at XTD before the sensational Praslesh takes over!

Swedish national born and raised in the beating heart of London, Rai developed an insatiable appetite for the city's diverse musical landscape. From the iconic dancefloors to the hidden gems of record shops, he immersed himself in the rich tapestry of sounds that London had to offer. As an avid digger, Gabriel Rai meticulously curates a record bag that transcends boundaries, effortlessly blending minimal electro with breakbeat. His sets are a testament to his eclectic taste, weaving together intricate layers of nuanced percussion and dark bass lines.

As a ToiToi resident and local moves co-pilot, his journey has gone from stride to stride taking him from London to Berlin, sharing the bill with the likes of Edward, Junki Inoue, Kensa and Praslesh.

We're delighted to have him as guests for our Live mix series.You can listen the mix here or on the link below!