Intelligent Sound Records release new EP from Kame2 & Komey (news)

Kame2, Komey - Mister Over Sisters

For some time now, the vibrant Ukrainian house and techno scene has been a great source of inspiration for us, which is evident in our Ukraine mix Series. Despite the challenges faced, the scene continues to thrive and produce exceptional music, a testament to the dedication and passion of those involved. One outstanding label that epitomises the refined tastes of the country is Intelligent Sound, with releases like Kirik's impressive debut and Minube's excellent Coffee Grinder Malfunction. 

Their third release, featuring Kame2 and Komey (also known as label owner Matvey), is another standout addition, available exclusively on vinyl. Mister over Sisters offers a dark and eerie techno sound, perfect for the late-night hours when things get trippier. On the other hand, Svyazany is more groove-oriented, with a functional bounce that works well as a warm-up tool.

Silat Beksi's version of Mister over Sisters is a brilliant rendition that stays true to the original's off-kilter atmospherics, with a spliced vocal adding to its highlights. Finally, the release concludes with Wyro's remix of Svyazany, which maintains a tense and edgy feel throughout, ending the record with a touch of flair.

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