Olga Korol and Per Hammar team up for Darth Vader and release video...

Darth Vader is the next track from Olga Korol & Per Hammar and here we have the music video to celebrate its digital release. The track has been doing the rounds this summer on the festival & club circuit with many people hounding for the track ID. It’s here and we also managed to catch up with Olga to chat about the track and video. We also had a chat with Olga ahead of the release...

Hi Olga, we are loving the new track Darth Vader, can you tell us a bit about how you guys made this track and where you got the idea from?

Thanks! Unlike our first release, Na Zare EP, that came together in a small temporary ”pandemic style” studio, Darth Vader were produced in a controlled environment here in our studio Valvet Studio in Malmö, Sweden. We were able to use more premium gear and shape the sounds more. For example experiment with recording my voice through different outboard effects.

The video looks super cool, very retro. How did making the video come about?

The idea came spontaneously when our video director Anders Ahlgren found his old school mini DV camera that films on a cassette. The same day, our lovely neighbour offered us to use her golden car from the 90’s to match the retro feeling of the film. We basically just drove around in Malmö City and improvised.

What have been your highlight sets of the summer so far and why?

From the top my head I can think of the legendary Classic Club in Rimini. It’s always great to perform there. Festival wise I loved the Gottwood festival in the fairy tail-ish stunning woods of Wales. Hide and Seek was another blast. Sophie Festival in Malaga was epic, too. Mid-July I did my first tour in South America, with focus on Brazil and Argentina. Love the vibe and organization of those events.

You seem to be everywhere at the moment! How are you keeping on top of tour life?

I’m in perfect symbiosis with my agency Forward Artists. We plan carefully and make sure that everything is optimized. In between gigs I focus to always show up with interesting records and unreleased stuff. I also make sure to at least take 1-2 days completely off to be able to recharge and keep my mental health in a good condition. After all, this is marathon, not a sprint.

What’s next up for you and Per Hammar, any more releases in the pipeline?

Right now we’re focusing on the Darth Vader release. After that we’re getting ready for the new season with shows and a lot of studio time.

Buy/listen to the release on the Black Round Twelve site here