Parisian producer Berzingue releases new EP on Pont Neuf (news)

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Berzingue, a Parisian producer, is set to become a key player in the thriving French electronic music scene with the release of his second solo EP, Architectures, on Pont Neuf Records on March 3rd. Berzingue's work as an architect is closely tied to his music, with both fields sharing similarities in conceptualisation, structure, and materials. Architectures follows the success of Berzingue's first EP, Quitter Paname, which was released on the same label in 2022. The EP features two singles, "One" and "Night Cruise," which were released in January and February respectively.

Berzingue is also one half of ALVA, now Calmos & Berzingue, who have been praised as a "promising duo" by French magazine Tsugi. Their music has received support from respected DJs such as Laurent Garnier and Janeret. Berzingue has also released music on Chez Damier's Inner Balance label and launched his own imprint, Virage. As endorsements go, it's safe to say Berzingue's are a true indication of his quality. This one too, is most definitely deserving of your time.

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