Pathagonia mix Nightclubber 200

Pathagonia is an Italian duo featuring Noha and Alex Tea. Friends for a long time, it really shines through in their music. Typically made-for-the-dancefloor gems, the pair has put out a bunch of brilliant cuts over the years, most notably the epic Chi Ci Pensa. Incredibly, that one came out five years ago now, but they’ve lost none of their studio gusto in the intervening years, whether they’re producing on their own or in tandem with one another. As if to prove the point, their latest offering is an album, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO, released via the mighty Yoyaku. With all this in mind, we were chuffed to have the guys on for our landmark 200th mix. Following in the footsteps of some serious heavy hitters, they nonetheless deliver with aplomb. As they always do! Read on for our full-length interview with Noha and Alex below, and head here to listen to Nightclubber 200…

Your latest release is out via the mighty Yoyaku. Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with the label and how it ended up getting signed there?

A: We have known Janeret and Benjamin (Belaga) since a while, and we always admired their work. They have been our first choice and you can imagine how happy we were to sign our first album with them. The entire process went very smoothly and they have been incredibly professional.

Noha, as someone who runs his own label(PanickPanick!), what is the ultimate aspiration for it? And how do you decide which music goes where release-wise?

N: I aim to release music I'm genuinely passionate about, created by artists I have a personal connection with. It's a straightforward approach, and I'm also considering organising some parties under the label's banner in the future.

Do you have a particular strategy for approaching labels? Or is it mostly based around relationships and intuition?

N: As Pathagonia, we contacted only labels we resonate with musically. After this album on Yoyaku, we are going to present an EP on Visionquest, another record of which we are very happy and proud. We do have, of course, other releases to be confirmed soon, but that's another story.

How important do you think ‘networking’ and social media are to pushing oneself as an artist these days? 

N: I strongly believe that being an artist is one thing, and having a music career is another. One can choose to pursue both or just one. So many talented artists remain undiscovered, while some people with nothing new to add or say have achieved stellar success. I do believe that if one wants to be part of something bigger than their bedroom studio, it's undeniably important to get to know your peers, whether it's through social media or face-to-face interactions.

How does it work when you play together? Do you generally plan your sets or is it all on the fly?

A:We have known each other and been friends for so many years that we don't really need to discuss what to play or which kind of music to produce. We work amazingly in sync, and we constantly inspire each other, which makes our creative partnership even cool

How special is it to have someone you can share these experiences with?

A:It makes all the difference in the world, and that's why we are more than excited to start playing more and more together, especially travelling around the world to play in new places. 

N:Imagine doing it with your best friend. This podcast is an absolute good representation of what we bring to the club.

What’s next for the Pathagonia adventure? 

We have few shows coming soon for the fall and many more to be announced for next year.2024 sounds very exciting. Music wise we have An EP on Visionquest, one on Panickpanick! And maaaaany more releases.

Finally, if you could recommend three Pathagonia tracks to our listeners, what would they be and why?

“Spice Jam” - Our first track ever

“Chi Ci Pensa” - Our track that put us on the spotlight

“TakTaK”  - Our new peak time best friend 

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Patagonia’s new Album, HOW LOW CAN YOU GO is out via Yoyaku. Buy/listen to the release here