Pont Neuf release new EP from DJ Psychiatre (news)

This March, Pont Neuf will introduce a new artist to their roster. DJ Psychiatre, hailing from Rennes in France, has an impressive back-catalogue of releases, including recent appearances on Shall Not Fade, which cemented his status as a rising star in the new French house scene. Now, he is set to make his debut on Pont Neuf with a fresh EP titled "Enter The Chill Zone," featuring five tracks that blend downtempo, trip-hop, and house elements for a unique sound.

As a self-professed vinyl collector with a particular passion for early 2000s house and deep house, DJ Psychiatre aims to recreate the organic, warm groove and unique imperfections of these tracks in his own productions. He has slowed down the BPM considerably in "Enter The Chill Zone," aiming to create a collection of contemplative and melancholic tracks with syncopated and warm breaks.

DJ Psychiatre is a rare talent in the electronic music scene, balancing his passion for music with his profession as a psychiatrist. With successful releases on esteemed labels like Shall Not Fade and House Plant Records, his debut on Pont Neuf marks an exciting new chapter for both artist and label alike, showcasing a fresh and original style from a well-loved French talent as they kick off 2023 with vigour.

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