Portable releases new LP via Circus Company

Alan Abrahams, known as Portable, makes a triumphant return to the record label with his latest full-length album, "Augmented Dreams." The album's title delves into the idea of harnessing everyday technological progress to realize dreams and visions once thought impossible. This concept album is an exploration that seamlessly blends elements of not-so-distant science fiction with timely themes.

From the enchanting initial layers of strings in "The Pull of Time" to the sophisticated 4/4 rhythms of tracks like "Begin Again" and the lead single "Guiding Me," to the fittingly futuristic and angular broken beat vibes of "Parallax" and "The Color of Static," and the affectionate nods to Detroit-inspired sounds in "Beacon" and "The Mycorrhizal Network," the album takes a thought-provoking turn with "Are We Not Above It?" This track delves into the lasting impacts of colonization, featuring vocals by NiQ E from South Africa and flute by L_cio from Brazil. The dreamy duet with Alexey Kochetkov, "I Need You," and the album's titular closing track round out the journey.

"Augmented Dreams" serves as a captivating yet hyper-realistic narrative about humanity's fascination with and dependence on ever-advancing technology, reflecting the times we live in. Portable's signature style, coupled with modern production techniques and Abrahams' timeless emotional songwriting, results in a remarkable soundtrack for our era. Furthermore, the album's release makes a poignant statement, coming at a time when the impending evolution of AI technology looms over the arts and our existing realities.

Listen to our premiere of The Color of Static here