Skudge steps up for our live mix series

Skudge is a live act I’ve been following for some time, so I’m really delighted that they've contributed a mix to our live series, a recording from a recent set at Scopes in Stockholm. Founded as a duo, the act now works solely as one individual, Elias. 

Right from its inception, Skudge’s primary focus has been releasing uncompromising electronic music. A consistent series of vinyl releases have appeared on Skudge Records, accompanied by remix EPs. Featuring a distinctive musical style, it resulted in EPs on Dekmantel and Indigo Area, as well as remixes for a diverse range of talented artists including Donato Dozzy, Anthony Shake" Shakir, Instra:mental, Ben Sims, and others.

Skudge’s meticulous attention to loops, intricate details, and refined taste has captivated audiences for nearly a decade. Whether it's through their EPs or albums, their hardware-driven live performances that have graced countless clubs and events worldwide, or their association with esteemed labels and podcasts, one thing remains certain: the artistic prowess and enduring presence of Skudge and the label is here to stay. We caught up with Elias for a quick chat recently…

What’s been going on in your world recently?

I recently released a new record with remixes of the old Skudge track “Convolution” by Levon Vincent. He delivered two versions and I released both of them as I like both a lot. And they are very different from each other. I’m also having a new Skudge EP out in September on the German label Bright Sounds. A four tracker. Otherwise I’m mostly trying to produce new music.

Can you tell us a bit about the recent gig at Scopes in Stockholm, from where you recorded this mix? 

Yeah, they contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a live set at the festival. They wanted something special. So me and my live partner (Nihad Tule) added some new never before heard material to the track list. Plus we made more room for improvisations. We also brought some gear we usually don’t use when we play abroad as they are too fragile and heavy. So it was really fun. It was recorded at this kinda new venue a little bit outside of town called Värmeverket. It was a big, really cool venue with a lot of art installations and other kinds of music as well. So it wasn’t really a techno festival. More like an art festival.

How has your approach to playing live changed over the years? 

It’s changed a lot I would say. Especially as we don’t bring much gear to the stage anymore. Less is more! Hehe. But it’s also nice to be able to play easier at venues that don't have that much space for live acts. Been a struggle sometimes back in the days. Speciellt playing at festivals. But also carrying around all the gear at the airports etc. now we have the perfect live set up I would say. More control and sounds better and tighter.

What’s next for you on a musical and personal level that you’re really excited about? 

As I mentioned before, I have a new EP coming in September. Plus maybe a new 12” on Skudge Records. But also some remixes coming later this year. Plus I’ve started to mix and pre master other people's music in my studio. Exciting times ahead!

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